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Knee Pain After Squats

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you should be fine. Get someone that knows what they’re doing to watch your form (send in a video if you can).

When you come up from the bottom of the squat push up with your bum and your shoulders in one fluid movement.

If your knees are ‘caving in’ make sure your push out with them. when they’re caving its because you’re trying to redistribute the force of the weight and it ends up putting a lot more pressure on the knees. If you push out with your knees and you do sideways lunges then you’ll really build up your thigh adductors and abductors and that will take alot of pressure off the knees.

I had this same problem about 3 months ago and I did as I suggested to you and now even though I no longer do sideways lunges I very rarely have knee discomfort.

Doing sideways lunges 2x a week as a 3x8 or 3x10 support exercise at the end of your starting strength workout is sufficient.

Are you taking fish oil?

i had all the same problems. try turning your toes outwards 30-45 degrees, and as you go down and up make sure you PUSH your knees outwards. sometimes you think they are going at the direction you want but they are coming in a bit. eventually the pain stopped for me.

also about using one leg more than another dont worry about it, keep squatting and increase the weight, that should strengthen them both at about the same pretty quick.

also you probably have weak back/abs. take a video… unless the weight goes way too forward, this is ok at such a low weight. its one thing to have 120 lbs coming to your neck, its another to have 400

take a video though, that would be best. make sure you can see your form (take it from a horizontal line from your knees so we can seehow much your back curves

hey scoliosis brother, i too have a grotesquely deformed upper body :wink:

Its very good that you are focusing on technique from the start so kudos for that.

If you can, put up a video so we can look at your technique.

Also, read all the articles on squat technique you can find at:

you also probably have mobility issues going on, search youtube for squatrx theres a very good video on there about how to improve mobility for the squat.

Form actually looks pretty decent and will get better with time. Looks shaky now because the exercise is new to you.

For knee pain get some knee sleeves. I got these because of tendonitis in my right knee and they make a world of difference. I now wear them when I’m doing any exercise involving my legs including soccer.


yup i think your knees are kinda bowing in

try PUSHing them out for a start(to a reasonable point…)

take a video that faces you from the front so we can see how your knees bend.

also go lower if you can. i think you are only hitting parralel. usually that could be cause your stance is too narrow.

i also find that my knees hurt the most when im NOT going as deep as possible. its kinda obvious. when you stop at anywhere before ATG you must make your knees to stop bending any more and that makes them take a lot of the force produced.

when you go ATG that force goes to your calves when you hit them as deep as you can. makes sense?

For an olympic style squat it looks okay, but since you have knee issues you might want to try some modifications.
First off, your knees are traveling very far forward, (which is normal for olympic squats, but kind of hard on knees) so you might want to try bringing your stance out a little wider, and focusing on starting the movement by breaking your hips backward and don’t bend your knees until about halfway down.

again, any of the articles at elitefts.com will explain that better than i can. You also my want to try squatting to a box as it will help you learn the new technique, but more importantly, take some stress off of your knees.
also, keep your upper back tightly arched.