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Kirk Karwoski Footage of Training for Last Meet


Did anyone see this on Wendler's site?



Great link man. Kirk is the man.


Once a week training and he still looked like that? Wow.


His 495 deadlift looked me doing 135


I read somewhere he got strong like that by spending his days stressing about the potential pitfalls of perma-bulking.


Captain Kirk was bulked up at 275 once and sometimes ate every hour, so he said.


By the way, I have no idea what the message of your post is.


I can't even stand up that fast lol.


It's funny because I lift like 1-2 times a week now. Sometimes less.


I guess when you go 800/500/800 on an average day, you can afford to do that.

Is your strength progressing the same using that template?


Actually quite similarly. I'm still regaining in most areas, but still getting stronger at a lighter bodyweight while barely lifting is a pretty sweet deal. Lifting is still pretty low priority right now compared to where it used to be.


Awe inspiring to say the least! Thanks for putting that up. Although I feel like a pussy now :slight_smile: