Is HIT Training Really The Best Way Grow Muscle

Well, is it?

You’re turning this almost into a Dr. Mike Israetel forum where you pose a question in the title and then just post a video. A little weird, but I’ll bite… again lol

“Best” Is very subjective. Everyone’s volume, intensity and frequency are going to differ, especially because there’s a decent bit of range in terms of those variables that will give you positive muscle gain adaptation. Quantifying Best is very difficult and certainly impossible to say at the moment in regards to objective measurement, particularly when I believe that it even varies within the same person Month to month, week to week and probably even day to day.

I say as long as you’re beating your logbook numbers session to session, you’re moving in the right direction. That’s really probably the most important thing. If you’re not, then you may need to play around a little bit with your volume or frequency, or take a look at your recovery and try to clean up your sleep and nutrition. Measurements and photos are also a good way to track progress.

I think HIT, with its big focus on logbook progression and set quality make it an excellent place to start for many people. There’s a reason that it’s still a popular method for muscle growth and is even being used right now by well known coaches such as Christian Thibaudeau and Paul Carter and Jordan Peters. I think Thibs actually has a new low volume, high intensity Hypertrophy program that he’s going to be dropping here on T-Nation soon. I’m pretty sure we’ll all staying tuned and excited for that!


Yep, I do like Dr. Mike Israel, but for me, HIT is the only thing that has worked, warts and all. I do notice that Dr. Mike is on the juice, which sucks because I would want to see how far he can progress naturally on his program.


If HIT is the only system that works for you as you state…then it’s the best


Really? I’m waiting for it!!!

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Grow Muscle? Probably not… for MOST people. BUT, is it a highly efficient way to safely improve Strength and Fitness and not spend hours in the gym? Most Definitely!!


So long as one doesn’t take it to a dogmatic extreme (such as max intensity all of the time, or use ridiculously brief and infrequent type workouts, etc.) it can be very effective or at least provide enough benefits for most of the population in an efficient manner.


The best way to grow muscle is to learn how your body responds to different stimuli, and continue using what works best - for your development (or goal).

Adherence to science and keeping a focus on progression in strength may lead you in the right direction, in my opinion.

For some reason, I also believe you need to believe in the chosen methodology - for progression to happen.

But, in the end, we all face ourselves in the mirror - looking at the perfect individual response to the balance in between frequency, volume and intensity. That is the result of experience.

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My response:
-Answering your question.
-My personal experience with HIT and SS.
-My opinion on Mike Israetel’s video.

As others have pointed out, the best system, is the one you keep making progression with and experience growth. Doesn’t matter if it’s HIT, HVT, statics, pilates, and so on.

I like Dr. Darden’s HIT than Drew Bayes SS. When I did HIT I had some muscle growth and people made good remarks. I experienced no gains with SS. People asked if I had stopped lifting and eating.

Dr. Israetel highlights great recommendations and principles of HIT into one’s own training. High quality reps, doing less sets if you can’t recover or have better growth, cutting junk volume, and doing HIT if you personally enjoy it.