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Immigration and the USA


Having worked as a contractor for Australian Immigration I know all teh rules about getting into my country legally and one thing is that even if you have a criminal record it is still very easy to get into Australia.

My question is what are the rules for traveling to America if you have a criminal record? Obviously I am not talking about serious crimes, my criminal record consists of Driving at excess speeds and in a manner dangerous as well as creating false belief. I have been to America before but was wondering what problems I might have trying to enter the country for a holiday?

I am planning a holiday for next year sometime.

Sorry if this si the wrong place to ask the question as well.


Dont come they will kill you, all americans are evil, they all have guns, they support terror, kill innocent babies and baby mama's, dogfight, surpress other countries, hell they wont even let you carry a bomb on a plane" - love lixy (come to Sweden instead)


The only possible thing you may need is a visa, but I don't think you'll need even that. A plane ticket and a passport should be enough.

If you do have problems you could just fly to mexico and walk across the border. Just be prepared to do some landscaping after you do.


If you have white skin and a European sounding name all you need is a passport and a good explanation why you desire entry. Other people can still get in but suffer harsher scrutiny.

But at least we're safe!


Like I said before I have been previously and was just curious. I have been told (by Iranians) that if I were to grow a decent mustache I would pass as an Iranian but my girlfriend thinks I look like a wog.

I doubt there would be a problem but I thought I would ask anyway.



I was thinking about flying to either Mexico or Canada.. Sounds good Ehh.




Which part?


Actually, many Iranians are white which is why racial profiling is such a joke.


The part about being white somehow absolves you from harrasment. As a matter of fact the only times I have seen people being scrutinized in customs or general airport security are honkeys.


Yeah, on domestic flights...I thought we were talking about customs and entering the US from a foreign country. Believe me I am all too familiar with being harassed by TSA as I have metal in my body and set off detectors every time I fly--plus I have suspicious looking facial hair.


I was once harassed in KC after 9/11. It was very slow and there were only 3 passengers going through security. One of my coworkers, a man in a turban, (probably a Sikh) and myself. They went through my carry on, frisked me, made me remove my shoes, belt, etc.

I have witnessed many an old white woman or young white girl get harassed while people of all colors have breezed through.

I have never seen an Arabic or Muslim looking man get harassed.

And on the street I have seen countless black guys harassed by the cops so it is not like I am blind.


Same here. I've never witnessed such harassment. The only time I've heard of such harassment is when a forum poster is caught in the middle of arguing that the US is now a fascist state and just so happens to have a perfect anecdote about a "close Muslim friend traveling to the US" being harassed because of facial hair/a turban/a t-shirt.


I was harrased in customs coming from Venezuela. The flight I was on came from Aruba though. I did mention customs by the way. My dad had been pulled aside and had his luggage searched and so has my brother. Cubans are not dark skinned. We look as American as anybody else. Beside the fact that we are mixed with eastern european blood. We could join the KKK with out question based on our looks. Of course they'd quickly hang us based on origin though.


Is Canada any better?

[i]"Two leading U.S. peace activists were denied entry into Canada on Wednesday after their names appeared on an FBI criminal database that the Canadian government is using at its borders. Ann Wright, a retired Army colonel and former diplomat, and Medea Benjamin, co-founder of women�??s peace group CODEPINK, were headed to Toronto to discuss peace and security issues at the invitation of the Toronto Stop the War Coalition. Canadian authorities detained and questioned them for several hours at the border crossing between Buffalo and Niagara Falls.

The two women were apparently denied entry into Canada because their names appeared on an FBI-run international criminal database. Ann Wright and Medea Benjamin do have nine convictions between them, but all involving civil disobedience committed while protesting the war in Iraq.

On Thursday, they met with immigration officials at the Canadian embassy in Washington, D.C. and held a news conference outside. Ann Wright joins me now from Washington. She is a retired Army colonel and former diplomat who quit a 16-year State Department career following the invasion of Iraq in March 2003. "[/i]



Is the Middle East any better?


Oh yes, they will welcome you with an open noose.


I though goat was good-eats in the ME?


Ignoring LIFTICVSMAXIMVS's bigotry, I have known many immigrants, only one was white. Actually from Australia.

To answer the question first posed, I am no expert, but I don't think minor infractions count. Oh and if you want to sneak into the country, go south, not North. You will not make it across the Canadian boarder, only the southern boarder is easy to get across.

In one community people living in Mexico were actually sending their children across the boarder to go to school here. Kids walked across the boarder by themselves every single day, and walked back every night.

America has an extremely ignorant immigration system. Roadblocks are all over the place if you want to get in legally, and you are actually rewarded if you come here illegally. The system needs a serious overhaul to correct that, make it easier to come here legally, and to work here legally.


When I was last in America I was hassled by customs at Chicago.. They asked me what I was going to be doing in America and although the Aussie in me wanted to say "Blow the fucking place up" I figured it was best not to so I just said my purpose was pleasure. They searched my bag which irritated me but i left it at that until I got to the metal detector section thats when I had to almost strip down..

I was working for immigration at the time and understood the whole metal detector/wand procedure because I did it daily at work.. But my treatment was just shitty. I think Arab guys would cop less shit because then they are open to take legal action.. just a though.