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I Got A Feeling


thank you - I follow along your no slug by any stretch.
I need the reps- to build some muscle.
yet I seem to do better with low reps - on pulling for sure.


training 3.25

supposed to be dead 5x 8 at 65%

pvc .x ball and stuff at home

7 min bike ride
band work , walks, lunges dislocates.
low back tight at asf
knee - barometric pressure left me feeble.

A lilly shrug dead thing- 25’s 4x12
B dead 135 2x5 225 2x5 265 3x9 3x5 bleh off plan
C csr 3p 3x8 4p 2x8
D1low pulley row 4x10
D2 straight arm pull over 4x10
E banded back raise - 5x10

supposed to do 60% - 265-275 5x8 on deads.
low back - tight- right glute bothering me.
shut down
bailed out on set four did a few sets of five
clearly - not warm enough or stable enough to do more.
just a day of being in pain - and not feeling good.

CSR- smart lat move - no low back
low pulley row x pull over - dat pump
needs more.
banded back extension-
duh another missing link.
need to do more - low back work
is it that time?
that I cant squat and dead in the same week?
or is it shit physical job - 20 hour days and wear and tear on the body…
nah nah
must be a bad day


jugg life bench stuffs

first- duh.
its been raining for two days- thus my knee faling apart
trying to deadlift

just riding this rollercoaster of broken rusty parts

LX ball at home smashed my piriformas, glutes quads
worked on upper back and elbows/biceps

500m row 2:06
lunges, dislocates agile 8
4x10 45 degree back raise

A1 rear delt machine 5x12+
A2 face pulls 5x15-20
B flat bench bar 65, 95 all 2x10 155 5x8 bleh
C1 bhnohp 65 5x15
C2 v grip pull down 5x10
D db row 80 x10 100 2x15
E BFR medlely
5x 10-20 incline eb tri ext 25’s x ez bro curls 40 x band push down
F1 ball slams 20 lb 4x10
F2 TRX fall outs 4x10

elbow is kind of fucked wrists too
cant manage dips hmmm.
bench actually went well .
db rows- put the hurt on elbow
the OH press- 1/2 range rom - felt good

DB rows - really blew up the elbows.

thats it.


3.31 jugg life squats

shitty day of weather- ice and tens in the morning and some vodoo floss to get going LX ball pvc and a bunch of shit at home to get moving

shit ton of blue ice gel on my knee.

mobility stuffs
trx face pulls x rows
lunge progession, banded walks , agile eight

A seated box jumps bw 3x5 bw+30 5x3
B squat bar- 225 all 2x5 then 7x5 @70% which was 275
7x5 last set 12 reps could have kept going I guess.
C dead 225 x5 315 2x5 365 x3 bleh
D walking lunges 35 3 rounds
E1 seated hams 5x10
E2 calf machine thing 5x10
20 min bike ride

hurt more sitting at home less then squatting go figure
box jumps seated - still testing the waters
squats - felt good.
deads used the bar that has more flex-duh
walking lunges- had some shock like sensations while doing these.
apparently those are the nerve endings in my outer quad , and hamstring
looking for stuff that isnt there otherwise a good day


4.1.17 jugg life bench 70% 7x5

pvc and lx ball at home
bands dislocates TRx face pulls a shit ton of machine pull downs
a ton of shoulder crap

A1 rear delt machine
A2 bench bar 95 135 3x5 each 185 5x5 175 2x5
B1 CSR 3p 4x8
B2 incline db 50’s 4x12
C1 dips bw 5x10
C2 cable - pull over J row type thing 5x many

surprisingly a good bench session
dips- glad to do these - have been doing allot of work to find out
what is going on with shoulders/arms wrists
bought an armaid will make a new post about it.
its been helping tons


here are some videos about this armaid

a coworker- she is a rock climber turned me on to it.
next level shit.
the forearm tissue I have is so crunchy- its bad.
this has helped tremendously

best shit ever


Havent trained in over a week- more like two.
work work work.
make hay while the sun still shines


4/29 squat juggernaut method

have been busy with work - training intermittently
redid the first week of sessions following this program
which was 5x10 did a session of squat/ OH press , bench
did a 5x5 deadlift day- who is there right mind would do 5x10 of pulling not me.

humidity can go suck a dick

4.29 -
mobility band walks, banded clam shells
lunges lugnes lunges, fire hydrants.

complex 65 3x5 of
row x rdl x power snatch x squat x good morning

A seated box jump
bw 2x3 bw+30 5x3.
B squat bar , 95 135 185 x10 225,275 x5
work 315 7x5 last set got 8
C dimel dead mini bands 135 5x10
D1 seated ham 5x10
D2 calves 5x10

sled 6 plates push x drag backwards 5 trips

hot as fuck today 84 degrees
squats felt good- added - sleeves and shoes at 225
I try to go in just socks to get warm
added a belt hafway thru the 7x5 go 8 on the last set - could be more hard to count.
no single leg work - need to add that
sled- really who likes this- but so good.


Looks like some good work there my friend…hot and humid here yesterday as well…


look being the operative word- thanks OG

haven’t been online much here.
going to try to cat up on people.


training it happened.

looks like I am on two days a week every other week.
hmmm. so when I can train I push it.

5.3.17 some training Jugg training method.
bench and stuffs.

moblity- bands - pull aparts distraction - scap crap
activation lunges, face pulls and a complex
land mine complex
squat to push press x OH press x single leg RDL x row x reverse lunge
3x8 felt awesome

A1 banded face pull
A2 bench a bunch of warms then 190 10x3
B1 db floor press 70 4x8
B2 CSR 3p 4x8
C1bw dip 5x10
C2 straight arm pulldown 5x10
D BFR circuit 5x10-15
hammer curl x incline tri db ext x
ez-bro curl x tricep rope pushdown
E ab wheel 3x15
F land mine complex
squat to push press x oh press x SLRDL x row x reverse lunge
4x5 - 25 plate crushed me.

uhm swole as F - this food thing is something else.
ample food and sleep who knew. Im pushing 190.
a land mine showed at the gym - so I did that complex
great for activation - and better as a finisher.
bench - meh- these where hard.
tried a few sets of 5’s - threes it is.
floor press- seems to be working bench is slowly showing micro improvements.
BFR bllod flow restrictions - great for the elbow - and hypertrophy

Im surprised no one else has caught on to this sleep food thing.
I might be on to something.


I tried it, but I kept getting confused on which one to do first . 190lbs? Dude, I wouldn’t recognize you walking down the street…oh wait, we’ve never met…nevermind. Good stuff Kev, Wish my gym had a landmine.


Im not sure what is to do first either- I think it would be sleep.
yes 190 with a giant power bloat - thats a kind way of saying fat


been a minute

Ive had a few decent sessions - im getting maybe two days a week if that.


mobility - activation - pvc at home bands lunges etc
789,654,123 leg swings

A squat bar thru 314 2x5 365 3x5 385 x2 315x5
B db rdl 60 x12 100x10 120 4x8
C medley of rope pull thrus x pull down abs x hanging leg raise 4x some

felt pretty butch - so I pushed it on this session
squats- forgot knee sleeves- holy shit- they do much more then I thought.
and they keep my shit knee feeling warm and stable.
also I have new squat shoes- picked up a pair of romaleos 2 in neon yellow
big difference in stability.
used straps on the 120’s
busy like always- hope everyone is good


Good to have you back. You are doing squats in romeos?


Chick magnets !!!

Hey Kev- 2 days is better than no days!


thanks crippler

yes- picked up a pair on sale very stiff, stiffer then the budget adidas


OG !
Im at the wrong gym for them to be a chick magnet.
more of a dudebrotard family gym


was supposed to do upper stuffs

but after a shit ton of pvc and lx ball at home I felt pretty good.

mobility stuffs
lunges- bands leg swings more lunges, a bunch of stretches

A seated box jump bw x3 +30 2x3
B prone ham curl 5x8-10
C squat bar-315 x5 3655x5 385x5 335 4x5
D good morning 135 x10 cut it off there
E db RDL 80 x10 100x10 120 4x8
F seated ham 5x10
sled drag x pull w/rope 10 trips


sitting with tens and ice as I type .
Literally sitting on one ice pack with another on my knee
low back/right glute tweaked/tight something.
knee felt ok lots of blue ice
wut 275 in socks - added sleeves somewhere in there
shoes and belt at 315 - this seems to be helping stability
and ankle mobility
digging these shoes much much stiffer
Id like to work to 405 3x5 should happen in a few months.

thanks for looking


squats put me in deep recovery
did an upper vertical day.

mobility stuffs- pvc bands dislocates
face pulls
TRX face pulls x pushup x row 3x10

A1 pull up 10 x 6 or something like that
A2 OH press bar 65 2x5 95 2x5 1152x5 145 3x5
C klokov press 65 4x10
D standing shrugs 225 4x10
E face pulls x hanging leg raises 4x10

oh press- I suck at these
klokov press seems to help shoulders feel stable on squats
standing shrug- pulled from the floor- hate doing these in a rack
nothing exciting