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I Got A Feeling


Damn it… everytime I read your log I’m reminded of something I should be doing… Klokov presses are shizzle!


OG pretty sure you do plenty on your own…
I just jump on these 3 year old fads.


Im alive- have not been on here much.

had a ‘forced deload’ cause of that like work thing

actually got in and trained today.
mobility - stuffs smashed with lx ball and barbell.
left knee - has made my foot ankle and left hip all suck.

lunges, dislocates and some very aggressive smash and stretch stuff.

A squat bar-315x5 365 x5 385x5 405 x1 365x5 315 5x5
B1 db RDL 90 4x8
B2 db clean and press 25 4x10


ran out of time.
squats- felt good- 385 felt pretty good - face turned purple
I went barefoot up to like 275 added sleeves and shoes at 3 plates.
this seems to be going well
wanted to do more stuff

I cant run a ‘program’ with such short time
so Im going to squat - row - push something each time.
gym moved the squats racks and now you can see your ass- or hips in the mirror - a new perspective- that is helpful.
they also bought some 45 and 25lb bumpers- and a decent bar- fun.


I suck.
maybe a bit less?
nah - I suk

training - yes- Im like a two day or one day a week bro now.
work is changing - I may have a better opportunity- that believe it or not will make my days when busy- even longer even dumber.
but will be the right move for the fam
uglee hours - from me that is an understatement
respecable benefits - union shit.
Im game.


bw 183 back to normal no power bloat.

moblity yoga stuffs and LX ball at home
many x many band walks lunges- leg swings -
BAND LUNGES new SHIT is GOOD try them
I have a monster mini- but a hip circle or band tied in a knot
or doubled would be just as good

bb compex
65 95 135 2x5
row x RDL x clean x front squat x good morning

A squat - bar thru 365 x 5 - 405x1 bleh 425 x1 fast but bleh
365x3 315 4x5
B good morning 135 3x12
C1 3p 4x8
C2 low db incline 40 4x15
D chest cable fly 4x12 really?
E1 lilly shrug - with PB 4x15
E2 face pull 4x15

bw- working really shit hours- yes from me this is a laugh.
every day is not like a 8am to like 2 am - or more not kidding.

been trying to eat more keto- not really keto just more fats and protein- and I am ‘fasting’ going back to an eating window of ten to twelve hours- say from 11 am -10 or noon to - 12 am.
but when you work til 4 am its ok.
really really helps with body comp.
really bro.

squats- I do these barefoot- add sleeves and shoes at 315 belt at 365 did the 4x5 315 beltless- I should have just gone 365 5x5 meh

other stuff- all I really can do in a week - wanted a row and some kind of press- but jacked my right bicep at work.
so went light shit its all light lol

thanks for looking


6.26.17 training

got a sunburn
mobility stuffs - very tight
lunges bands - thoracic stuff bands
more lunges leg swings etc

bb complex
row x row x RDL x power snatch 95 3x5

A squat bar thru 315x5 365 2x5 385 x2 335 4x5
B db RDL 115 4x8
C seated ham 5x10
D face pulls x rope abs x rope push downs

had a sunburn - squats meh bad positioning
wanted more - even the back off sets just felt meh
other stuff was good



I still suck.

training - had to do a shit ton of work on mobility
agile 8 banded stretches some crawls a bunch of lunges
more of everything - shoulder and hip stuffs.

A bb complex
65 x5 2 rounds 135 3x5 155 x5
row x RDL x front squat x reverse lunge x squat x good morning
B mini complex’ 185 x3 225 x5
one each row x dead x jump shrug
C block pull 315 5x3 off 2" block bleh knee and hip not happy
D meadows row 3 25’s 4x8
E low pulley row 5x10

F assault bike tabata 8 20/10
assault bike 3 mile ride - fuk

really I needed to get in and do a shit ton of mobility work
like 45 mins. and then did some conditioning and back stuff.
deads- more to see were I am at with some pain
vs actually trying to train.

assault bike is the devil


Like a cheat shrug?


Tabata on an assault bike…that sucks !! good on you for doing it Kev.


they look like this.
some nerd.

and another look - this nerd- me an old video.
this is some of the complexes I do for warm up

It so sucked.
all day following it sucked.


Wow that looks brutal on the old shoulders! You haven’t had your arms just fall off while doing this? Lol



some training
tight as F
pvc and LX ball at home.
mobility - allot- banded walks
lunge progressions front- lateral- backwards- hands over head-
blah blah blah banded lunges THE SHIT
leg swings banded squats dislocates many many many
face pulls and fake sholder rok swing things

A OH squat bar by many 65 2x12-15 95 x5

  • ankles and shoulder issues
    B squat bar thru 315x5 335x5 365x5 385x1 bleh 315 35 225x20
    C db BSS 40 4x8 each
    D calf press machine thing 4 x many

assault bike tabata 8 20/10

OH squats- used to love these- forgot these are
the best - tool to see how prepped I am.
so revealing- ankles super tight calves too- did a decent job with hips
low back was tight on the heavier squats- I do most in socks -
then added wrist wraps- then sleeves around 315 I add squat shoes belt shortly after
realized I have been doing joker sets- had to look that up
and I need to cut them back- progessing to a daily single is only good with the volume to support it.
cant to much for upper right now - work literally crushes
biceps forearms and grip - somehow makes any pressing suck
thanks for looking


my arms do worse at work- this particular video if 5 years old
I dont do many cleans anymore
this is just to get everything moving and awake.



work work sort of a work forced deload

very short session this morning
some mobility stuffs

8 min assault bike 20/10 tabata
4 rounds of bb complex 65lbs

bb roll outs x Row X RDL X high pull x front squat x good morning x squat x squat x reverse lunge

this complex sucked.
this took less then 30 minutes
about all I will have time for this week some stuff like this


Squats are looking good Kev. Cool you can still do OH squats.


T[quote=“NHLFTR, post:154, topic:222408, full:true”]
Squats are looking good Kev. Cool you can still do OH squats.

thanks Steve - I need to bring them back - just for trouble shooting.
I forot how much I like them - and how much they truly expose when not prepped.


work enforced deload.

training today- 7.11.17 I has vids.

traning- stiff and slow.
mobility- a shit ton of cat camel - bird dog varainats , lunge progressions,
banded shit for hips knee ankles. many many leg swings many
yogic poses many

bb complex bar 65 2x5 95 2x5
row x rdl x 1 clean x front squat x squat x reverse lunge x good morning

A medley of rear delt machine x face pulls 4x15
B squat - 95x10 135 2x10 225-315x5 335 x3 meh
365 8x2 x 1 shitty high rep 315 2x5
C dimel dead 135 x20 185 2x20
D db clean and press 25 5x10
E abs circuit HLR x TRX fall out x pallof press 3x10-12
F assault bike tabata 8 20’10 10 min ride

I has videos -

first is the 335 x3 things looked good- 365 things not so good.
knee was def feeling it on the 8x2 meh.
squatted high and shitty elbow position.

squats hmmm this 335 is pretty typical for me of bar speed - I have allot of technique work to do . I think I am good for a 500lb squat this year.
yes fuck that I can do it.

dimel - kept shoes and sleeves on - these are so good.
db clean and press much needed upper crap - shoulders are banged up.
did something not nice to my right bicep- at work
abs- I suck - but HLR I have to now use the ab straps- but the spinal decompression is the best part.
watch my DYEL self squat

maybe I suck less?


Meh I didn’t think the 365 looked all that bad, just a bit slower.

Can you explain this a bit more please? Do you mean shoulder mobility or core stability or…?


You’re too modest 'Bro, your squats look great.

BUT, your shoes!!! (plus the matching shirt)

Your styling is at a whole other, higher, much higher, level…:thumbsup:


I used to use them every session
and they helped me know what was tight
very quickly I would find out if I could arch if my ankles, hips where loose enough
and if my shoulders were warmed up
kind of unscientific - you cant really do them properly unless your
warm- loose etc


thanks PG
Its all about the swag