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I Got A Feeling


cheeziest title ever.

trying to start a new training life.
I always have more consistency when I log

If you know me jump in
If you dont welcome and get on board

I was a super jock a tiny one
got close enough to see olympus and train with giants.

I work like a whipped donkey more then ever
crippled a little bit- left knee is fukked.
its like a lingering fart

45 and 5’6" bw 180~ more less then more
Im a city kid - live just above NYC

Old training life.

OH squat - 205x5
Front squat 315 for a dbl
squat 405 x 5
clean push press - 225 ( part of a complex)
pull - 475 for a dbl
run 5-10 miles when dared
rolled on matts

all these are some what random lifts I could do kinda when ever.

like every one here
I got busted stuffs
I got jokes
a good family
great wife
and a work ethic.

will update with training in a bit.


Spent the summer busting my ass- more then usual
had a good opportunity I took it.

the bad
got down well below 170
totally detrained

the good
feeling lean
bit more healed then usual
the rest I dont give a fuk
and thats the point.

trained a bit with a TRX for a few weeks and had some random sessions that built to this.

warms - pvc band work , lots of static shit for hamstrings
bands lunges lunges lunges dislocates

5x10 of TRX
face pull - elevated inverted row x pushup

A squat
bar 2x20 95x15, 135x10 185x5 225x5 275x7 315x5 335x2 355x1
then 295x5 275 5x5
B Semi Sumo pull 225x5 315x5 365 3x3
C Sumo RDL 225 4x8
D rope medley 4x20
D1 pull thru
D2 face pull
D3 tricep pushdown
abs- hanging leg raises 4x10 bb roll outs 4x10

3 500 meter row under 2.00 minutes

first off I use SHIT TON of blue ice stuff
and drank a SHIT TON of preworkout stuff
weighed 176 in squat shoes and track pants

squats I was surprised at the bit of volume I did.
last of the 5x5 was still fast but was a push.

pulls- I used straps. just trying to ‘feels’ the movement
and pulling/pushing hips through

other stuff- much needed
it all needs work.

I have to take an honest look at training
and spend more time (if you can imagine) on movement and mobility shit

I want to get back to me.
to squatting evry day - having fun with training


Hey buddy great to have you back in the hood ! look forward to being onboard


You always put a lot of work in. The title is not too bad either.


I, I’m hooked on a feeling, I’m high on believing… (no homo!)

Whaddup 'Bro.


You arent the only one Brother!! :+1:


Thanks OG
hoping to stick around for a while.


thanks Crippler- I should be smart and do high volume low stress stuff. Im not that smart.

title is growing on me.


Dude- my shit has a handle and a pump


I did’nt hit quote reply.

And someone - God bless them-
keeps coming in here and capitalizing stuff.

training 10.12.16

pvc pipe lunges dislocates random stretch shit

A bb pendlay row bar 2x20 95x1- 135 2x5 155,195 ,205 x5
135 2x10
B wide grip pull downs 5x10
C ez bro bar pull over 4x12
D lilly shrug 5x10
E ez bro curl to press 4x10
recumbent bike 25 mins.

ok pre-workout drink is made of SWOLE
its a mild but effective one e v p plus
rows- rough on the elbow
other stuff pump and fluff
should swap pullovers to some kind of cable thing
lilly shrug, very effective


Are we talking liniment or lube? :wink:


Blue icey stuff, lube or cheap wiskey all need to have a handle

Training 10.16.16

I lifted weights but they where small.

mobitliy warms etc
band work - retraction trx 3x12 push-up x inverted row
shit tons of face pulls SHIT TONS

A bb flat bench
bar 2x20 95 2x10 135 2x10 155x5 175x5 195x5 135 3x10
B bb pendley type row
135x8 185x8 225 3x5 135 4x10
C db low incline 40 4x20
D banded tri junk
4 x 20push downs
4x15 banded tates
ice and tens 5x5


testing the waters with bench
it was meh and sadly felt heavy
no idea when the last time I used a barbel was.

db inclines felt good-
bb rows felt good but really heavy

pre work out drink is def the shit.


work kicked me in the balls.
all week.

trained today.



2 lbs of blue liniment on my busted parts

lunges lunges some yogic type shit

A Squat bar x20 95x15 135x12 185 225 275 315 x5
box squats 315 some x some
B BSS 40 4x8 each
D1 seated ham curls 4x20
D2 leg extensions 4x20

felt like dirt
found out seated calf raises
made my calf feel ok but bothered a part of my hamstring
messed around with how my knees and hips move
and found a good groove
messed with box squats-
they are probably not good for me


upper training 10.24.16

pvc at home
face pulls many x many
shoulder band crap
TRX elevated inverted row x pushup 5x12

A1 wall HSPU 5x5
A2 pull downs 5x10
B low incline db press 40x15 60x12 80x4 bleh 60 2x10
C db row 80 2x 20 each 100 20 used straps
D1 db pull overs- 60 4x10
D2 banded tate
E Lilly shrug 4x12
F curl to press ez bro bar 3x10

uhm pre workout shit - Huge pumps
felt all swole
hand stand pushup - love
db bench meh
db rows- used straps both sets- elbow felt good duh
used to rock these and more no straps.
grip strength is way way way down, trying to fix that out
fix the broken shit- then the grip

DB pull overs - is this the missing link?
curl to press- chezziest way to get dem pumps
and they crush the delts- with


I’m buying stock in the Blue Icey stuff…so keep using it !..hand stand pushups…I would hurt myself…


Hand stand pushups- hurt me less then OH press go figure.

training 10.26.16
mobility , lunges lunges lunges more yogic shit
some banded work

wanted to squat again - both racks busy

A trap bar dead 150x5,240x5 330x5 420x5 450 2x2 470 2x2
B dimmel 135 4x20
C CSR 2pts 5x12
D1 hanging leg raises 4x10
D2 trx fall outs 4x10

trap bar- I had to use the high handles weak sauce
dimmel - always like these- felt a good burn and pump
chest supported row- I think a volume vs load approach is good
hanging leg raise- had to use the lame hanging elbow strap shits.
trx- fall outs- cant really kneel and use the ab wheel

gonna try to stick to a more volume approach for upper-
just some accumulation


Hand stand push ups? My fat ass would fall over and I would kill myself.


I wouldnt call you fat - by any stretch.
cant bench much more then 225- but can do these go figure.


training 10.31.16

get up.
get on up.
thats how I feels

pvc at home
mobility stuffs- allot
shit tons of lunges, bands, etc

A dimel 135 2x20
B squat bar x20 95,135x12 185x5 225x5 2755 315x5 335x2 315 8x3
C sumo RDL 135 4x20
D1 TRX ham curl 3x10
D2 banded TKE 3x many

watched some good squat videos with Max Aita
spent some part of last night watching powerlifters smack the shit out of each other.
I need that.
squats felt good- a good groove- sure the last set was a mess
trx ham curl - these work - but made my calves cramp horribly

will try to catch up with all you people later tonight


trained today- lower body crushed from the other day


pvc lx ball at home lots of mob work lots.
dislocates, lunges, bands
yes, yes, yes

A Squat - wut a freindly 315 2x3 then 225 x25
B1 cg pull down 10x10
B2 db bench 10x10 dif inclines-flat etc
C1 CSR 2pts 6x10
C2 sb clean and press (light) 6x10
D- medley of rope shit - face pulls - pushdowns- pull thrus 4 rounds
E ab shit- 4 rounds V-up and some shit box machine thing

only squatted to get the blood moving
upper stuff- just some pump and fluff