How to Restart 531 After 1 Month Hiatus?

I had an injury 1 month ago. I have been doing some cardio here are there.

Given that you were injured, I would work back in slowly. Maybe full-body 5 x 5 or something to gauge where your strength is and how hard you’re comfortable pushing your reps. Once you figure that out, do a training max test (work up to set of 5 for 85% TM programs or set of 3 for 90% TM programs).

If you weren’t hurt and just took time off, I’d say start right where you left off or at least begin your most recent cycle at week 1.

Spend 2-3 weeks getting your bearings and making 10% jumps on the big lifts: start with the bar and work up until you feel about 75%x5 for the day. 2 assistance lifts of 50 total reps/each.

After this time, estimate your TM (using the principles as your bedrock) and go forward. If you have principles, you will never, ever falter. You ignore them and you will fuck up.


Thanks coach. Found myself in a similar situation and did exactly that. Now getting back into 5/3/1 and things are going pretty good still. Strength came back quickly after 2 months.