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How Much Do You Hack Squat?


Just trying to get a reference point for how much ppl hack squat compared to how much they back squat and front squat

Low box squats


Hack Squats


Front Squat



Your name is "HotCarl"?



At this point I can only hack squat, the crossbar system at home has no regular squat capalility.

But on that I use the max of 340 for 6 reps

This is what I use for the 6/12/25 method.


Do you mean with a barbell or on a machine?


barbell... i generally dont use machines


If I do hack squats I use 4 plates on each side. I always do normal squats first and to be honest, I don't think I go down that far on the hack squat. I have to put my feet pretty far forward or else I feel like my kneecaps are going to pop out.


Back Squats 295x8
Hack Squat(haven't done in months) 225x6
Front Squat 235x4


fighting scott... how much do u back squat?


Kinda goes with his avatar, no?


I've gotten 405 with a belt. So not very much.


405 is not much? Damn I suck.

Iv hit 325 belt-less.


Cool, I dont feel so bad with my 340 with this company :slight_smile: LOL

And is KILLER doing this with CT's 6/12/25 routine

Oh and unlike some systems, the 340 is 340 +/- 5 pounds.

I tested this (very scientific method LOL) I know my weight, set the display at weight -5# and hanged from the lat bar, which slowly lowered, then weight +5# it held me, so good to go :wink:

ok back on topic.


Nothing, I don't do them.


Since a bad lower back injury about a year ago, I can no longer do heavy full squats. So my first exercise is usually heavy hack squats and they've been serving me well thus far.


I've never done them either.


Currently 129 kg for 5x5. No idea how much I could back squat, though - I'm one of those "lift at home without much equipment" guys.

Here's a picture of Ehrling Wahlgren hack squatting 780 pounds.


Hey man hows clemson treating you? Maybe when I come back in Feb we can train together if Fike will let alumni buy memberships.

Maybe someone could correct me if I'm wrong but I would think there is a better relationship between deadlift and hack squat than a regular back squat and a hack.


I've done 315lbs for a triple (I used straps at first, but now I do them without straps). And I've routinely used 225x12.

My max back squat at the time was 300lbs and my max deadlift was 340lbs.



Nate, that link is for you. At first I thought you posted some generic public picture, and then I noticed the tool tip was "Nate Dogg performing the hack squat."


Whoa!! That's crazy! I never knew someone used that pic in an article. Thanks for the link!