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High BP & First Cycle, Help Needed !

My BP is running 150/100, am currently seeing a doctor. Would like to do my first cycle in Nov/Dec. My goal is to gain and keep 25lbs of LBM, while loosing as much bodyfat as I can. I know you need to choose one goal or the other but I am comming back from a long lay off on training(training now), so I should really respond well. As of right now I have 60mls of 300mg/ml Sustanon Dry, 20mls of 250mg/ml Deca, and 540 25mg caps of Turinabol, all RedStar products. I may pick up 12 grams of Primo (200mg/ml) and maybe some more Deca. What combination do you guys feel would effect my BP the least. I was thinking maybe 800mg Primo, 600mg Sustanon Dry(Armidex should keep the water weight off?) weekly, and 75-100mg daily of Turinabol for the first 8-10 weeks. Also would take 50mg Clomid daily for entire cycle and additional 4-8 weeks post cycle, with around 2.5 mg Proscar daily for prostate health and hair maintance. Diet would be high protein(400-500grams), moderate Carbs, and higher Fat. I all help on AAS and diet is greatly appreciated.

Hey, let me be the first to say don’t touch a damn thing until your BP is in the VERY healthy range. I had a serious problem with BP a few years ago while I was on and when I went to the doctor he was shocked I had not had a heart attack or stroke yet. Although mine was a bit higher than yours, but you get the point. And to everyone else, it was NOT only from steroids at the time. I have quite a few suggestions as far as your cycle goes but I feel it’s in your best interest not to touch anything.

Actually, you are positioned perfectly. The Doctor will prescribe an antihypertensive to bring you back into normal range…and then you can start the cycle. Buy an automatic BP cuff (costs about $40.00 for a decent one) and monitor yourself a couple of times a day. If your BP creeps up while on the cycle, go back to the Doctor and have him increase the dose. The beauty of this is that when you come off the cycle and your BP drops you will probably be overmedicated and it will depress your BP even lower. At this point cut your dose in half and see where it puts your BP. This will allow you to have extra antihypertensive drugs for the same price…kinda like a two for one. Keep monitoring daily and record those readings in a log for reference.

Sorry to be so critical, BUT FUCK THAT!!! if you like your health listen to tren-freak. Blood pressure is nothing to play with. You will mess up your kidneys if your blood pressure gets out of hand. dont play with extra meds, just get healthy on your own. you said you want to drop some bf, why not start doing that. the more bf you have the easier to store more. start cleaing up your diet, and get the blood pressure down. putting 25lbs wont help the cause either, just more stress on your body. better to be safe than sorry.

Shakes head.

Thanks everyone. Could you further explain the over medicated and the two for one thing again. I agree that I should not use and will not until the BP in controled. What about my drug choices and dosages? All suggestions are appreciated. Is there anyone that is a doctor / medical professional on this board, if so could someone PM them so the can give me their 2 cents. Thanks again T-men.

Yeah dude,

Stay way far away until the BP goes down.


quote: Actually, you are positioned perfectly. The Doctor will prescribe an antihypertensive to bring you back into normal range…and then you can start the cycle
I agree with TrenFreak and DISAGREE WITH TENMEN!
first of all, I think it is highly doubtful that your doctor will prescribe you any blood pressure medications to begin with. Hypertension is a condition that is diagnosed after at least three separate readings are taken, over a span of time. It is done this way to rule out anomalies like “white coat” syndrome, or external factors like acute stress in your life gone unnoticed. If you do get diagnosed with hypertension after 3 separate readings, the doctor will first want to manipulate your diet and weight before he perscribes any antihypertensives. Most people who take antihypertensive medications would not need them anymore if they lost 20 lbs. (For every pound of fat there is supposedly 3 miles of blood vessels that the heart has to pump blood through). Antihypertensives are usually perscribed for chronic conditions. Most individuals who get a perscription for these medications will be on them for the rest of their lives!
One of the side effects of anthypertensives I should add is impotence.
There are many types of antihypertensives, from loop diuretics like lasix, ACE inhibitors- which jointly cause diureses and vasodialation, Calcium channel blockers - which interfere with vasoconstriction of the smoothmuscle on the walls of blood vessels, to beta blockers- which slow the rate and stroke volume of the heart.
These medication are NOT TO BE PLAYED WITH! NOT! NOT! NOT! NOT!
The consequences are just too great. Leave the dosing up to your DR.
As far as taking steroids while having high blood pressure: NOT A GOOD IDEA!
first thing is the steroids will increase sodium and potasium retention which will increase water retention - not a good idea if you have a dyastolic of 100! Second thing the steroids tend to increase your levels of redblood cells. This puts you at higher risk for developing thrombi (Clot) which can cause a stroke. Do you want to spend the rest of your days with a feeding tube in your nose and an artificial airway in your throat, then steroids is a good plan for you, if not, work on trying to lower your pressures naturally. Maybe you just were not designed to be big and muscular. Find another passion in life and enjoy!

NOTE TO TENMEN: it is downright irresponsible of you to recommend such practices to anybody. If you were a person of the medical proffession you could be held legaly liable for your advise you gave

I agree with you guys, I guess the question that I should have asked was “when” my BP is normal, do you feel I picked out the right drugs, and dosages? Since I have a history of high BP I need to be carefull not to exacerbate the problem further, know what I mean. Thanks.

Tren Freak could you please go into your med history alittle bit, and please give me your suggestions or ideas about the proper cycle for me. Again I will not use until its under control, I know if I loose 20lbs it will be good to go. Thanks for everyone help. Would like to have comprehensive answers so I can print this off, and won’t need to post again in 2 months or so.

You got some sound advice Colt. Why don’t you wait until your blood pressure is under control for at least six months, with or without medication, and then check with the forum on what might be appropriate for you given, of course, all meds that you may be on. Good luck.

My blood pressure doesn’t even get close to there when I am on the heaviest of cycles. Please be careful bro. It is gonna be really tempting to fuck everybody here because that shit is gonna be calling your name, I know it would be calling mine… If you do a good diet and training your bp will probably drop on its own. But no, I wouldn’t use anything until you get back into normal ranges and stay there for a bit… Then I would check it regularly after you do start to make sure its not getting out of hand.

Jeeeessshhhhh!!! All this flaming from guys on a Steroid board??? How hypocritical!..and so much for being a BioMechanic (sic).

The bottom line here is that he is absolutely positioned to that advantage of a an “opportunity.” And I’m sure you guys know exactly what I’m talking about.

When I discovered I had HBP, mine was hovering around 140/100. I was put on Vasotec (elanapril). As the years went by, I cleaned up my act and was able to reduce my dose to 5 mg (a miniscule amount by standards), however, my script is for 10 mg. So the Dr. keeps writing it for 10 mg, but I cut the tab in half and only use 5 mg. Thereby, stretching my supply by an extra 30 days. THEN, if I go on a cycle and my BP goes up, I simply take the whole tab and my worries are over. Its called PLANNING folks. Ok, now arrest me.

When I do cycle I will monitor my BP daily. Which automatic cuff is better, the arm cuff (bracial) or the wrist? The wrist cuff would be easier but are they as accurate as the rest? Thanks everyone for your responses.

A good economical cuff is made by Omron. Model HEM-432C Manual Inflation Blood Pressure Monitor. It cost about $40.00 at CVS Drug Store.

Let me tell you about my other experiment and discovery.

About two years ago, I was put on Lipitor to reduce my genetically high cholesterol levels (total = 291) The Dr. prescribes 20 mg Lipitor per day…this is the lowest dose it is made in. So, I take the Lipitor for six weeks, get my blood checked and my total cholesterol is 180…and all the other subcomponents are well within range. So I continue to take the Lipitor, get my blood and liver checked every 3 months and everything is perfect. About 6 months ago, I start to think…hmmm, maybe I don’t need 20 mg to keep things in check. So I design an experiment. One day I take 20 mg, the next I take 10 mg (cut the pill in half) and alternate this pattern for three months. When I get my usual 3 month blood check back, guess what??? The results are slightly lower that when I was taking the full 20 mg/day! Now, I am taking less meds = more money in my pocket = an extra 15 day supply per month.

The lesson here folks is to use your noodle and use the information provided by all the various feedback mechanisms in your life to tke advantage of OPPORTUNITY. I’m not talking about wanton disregard for your health or condition, but christ, THINK and always look for the “angle” to work it to your advantage…and question yourself: “How do you know what you know?”

OK, Life Skills class is over. You can head for recess.


Your argument is well reasoned in regards to the blood pressure medication - what you’re doing for yourself. It’s just that some guy doing his first cycle needs to clean up his act for his own safety before starting down the anabolic path.

I’ve spent a lot of time on this board, and most of the people that have been around and know what they’re doing are fairly cautious.

So you’re not going to see people recommend starting a cycle to a first time user with high B.P. - especially when he can bring things in control naturally.

Well it looks like we all agree that I need to wait, but can you “please” give me your opinions of what and how much I should use. As you know sometimes RSOC sells out fast, and need to plan ahead while a got the money. Thanks.

Does anyone know anything about taking taurine to lower BP, what are the recommended dosages? Lookind but can’t find anything.

Warhorse: Thanks for the vote!

Ya know, I’ve been around this game so long now that sometimes I can’t see the forest for the trees. This was probably too much for a newbie(s).

To all: Go to the T-Mag archives and read the article “Your Doctor, Your Dealer.” Then you will have the full appreciation…