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Help With Chest Training!

I always had this problem with my chest of not growing, tried a lot different kind of workout methods, I do give to the limits in my training but don’t know what the problem is. I’ve been doing more of a power lifting lately since 1 month, I’m noticing strength increase especially when I hit my chest twice a week, but still not growing, very slow. I’m mostly doing the 5x5 very low reps, high sets type of workout almost all the time, I’m even doing 5 excursuses now just to give it a change and c if it works.

The thing is if I do high repetitions with low sets I won’t feel the pain in my chest the next day unless I do very heavy, low sets type of workout, that�??s as far as I know, and one more thing why am I not getting that great pump out of my work out, is it because of the too much heavy weight all the time and low reps, I do feel the huge pump when push ups and dips mostly.

I still consider my self as a beginner after years of training and would like to get to know if I’m doing any thing wrong. I would love to hear some feed back or utleast the type of workout that worked for you. Thanks

Used to train each muscle twice but it is once a week now, although my weights go up fast and I would gain lot’s of strength when doing muscles twice a week, speaking from a power lifting back ground only.

I’m 20
Weight: 74
I’m actually starting to bulk so my diet is pretty clean, same old 5 meals a day.

Post your chest routine.

start warming up by pushups 3 sets 20,15,15

flat bench or incline dumble: 5x5 sometimes I do the last set as 1 max rep only.

incline bench: 5x5

incline dumble: 4x6 or 8 reps instead of 6
or I just do same 5x5 again for heavy lifting.

incline flyes 3x10 or 8

dips 4x8

25 Reps, Bench Press
25 Reps, Incline Bench
24 Reps, Incline Db
30 Reps, Incline Flyes
32 Reps, Dips
50 Reps, Pushups

186 Total Chest Reps

Overkill much? You better be doing some serious recovery work.

Hell if your eating/sleeping enough to recover from this and not growing your doing something majorly wrong.

say it with me: “dumbell”

[quote]zephead4747 wrote:
say it with me: “dumbell”[/quote]


Do you expand your chest before beginning and inhale deeply on the eccentric portion and exhale with your paced press? Do you also tuck your shoulder blades in?

Do you ever use a spotter when you “go heavy”?

Experience with 5x5 10x3 or progressive 10/10/8/8/8/6/6/3/3? <-- example pyramid or the Westside method or variations of Westside lifting?

How are your arms angled? For Strength/Power or Bodybuilding? Mixed angle for a little of both either way.

also are you experienced with full ROM, Partial Reps, Tension reps, and/or forced reps, negative super heavy reps?

Shock your shit!

If your going to go strength/power low reps then do more sets and go heavier and heavier. You can grow pectorals nicely if your actually ripping your fibers to shreds with psychotic increases in weight.

Methinks theres more to it then that perhaps such as nutrition and getting enough protein and/or carbs to effectively grow - That could be the root cause. But I wouldn’t know anything for sure! Just throwing random possibilities.

Dumbbell… o.O

Or I’ll use the power phrase ~ squats & milk!

Give them a reason to grow.