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Help Me, 19Y/O Low T

Hello everybody, this is my second post here as I wanted to update with my most recent labs. I am now fully convinced that All my symptoms come low testosterone as I have been to severals Doctors and endos and my t was never about 400ng/dl.
I am literally on the verge of killing myself as through the 5 years of surpessed testosterone I have develepoed severe depression which I was able to open up about to my parents yesterday for the very first time.
Before it felt like I had to go through all this alone, go from doc to doc from endo to endo from uro to uro and nobody wanted to listen to my severe symptoms as my numbers are always „in range“ but now at least my parents slowly start to understand that it is not always about the range but more about the symptoms:
I have the typical symptoms of low T as in no libido, ED, no motivation, always tired, teen gynecomastia which did not go away yet and I hardly gain any muscle but mostly fat around my stomach area.
Because of these symptoms I have developed depression which obviously worsens my already low T and the low T causes even more depression and now it is like a devils circle and I don’t know how to get out.
Because of the depression I have absolutely no feelings anymore I feel completely numb and have no connection to my loved ones whatsoever.

After being to too many doctors starting at age 14-15 etc. Where nobody cared about me I finally decided to take things into my own hands now at age 19 because it is only 2-3 more years until my body completely breaks physically and mentally and I will commit suicide. I don’t wish anyone to life like that. I know for most of you it probably sounds like I am exaggerating but trust me the combination of low t with severe depression is a catalyst for something very bad…

Are there any things I need to get checked before I can finally start my own TRT? What doctors have done so far:

-tons of bloodwork
-urin sample over 24 hours
-ultra sound scan of testicles and kidneys?
-one doc asked me to do a mri from my head just in case even though another told me it is irrelevant since there is no indication for something like that in my blood

I will show you the most recent bloodwork, I have tons more values about Haematology but took the most important ones, just tell me if you want others:

-Hematocrit: 43.7%

-Glucose: 5.4 mmol/l (3.9-5.5)
-Cholesterin: 151 mg/dl
-Cholesterin: 3.9 mmol/l
-free Cortisol: 82.0 ug/24h (20-90)
-free T4: 19.3 pmol/l (12.6-21)
-free T3: 4.19 pmol/l (3.93-7.7)
-TSH: 3.08 uU/ml (0.51-4.30)
-ACTH: 17 pg/ml (7.2-63.3)
-Cortisol: 9.21 ug/dl
-17alphaOH-Prog.: 71.3 ng/100ml (50-210)
-DHEA Sulfate: 457.0 ug/dl (70.2-492)
-LH: 2.47 IU/I (1.5-14)
-FSH: 1.74 IU/I (1.5-12.4)
-e2 estradiol: <25 pg/ml (11.3-43.2)
-e1 estrone: 193.8 pg/ml (25-150)
-total Testosterone: 3.81 ng/ml
-SHBG: 45.7 nmol/l (10-57)
-Androstenedione: 90.1 ng/100ml (40-350)
-IGF1: 222.0 ng/ml (136-421)
-IGF-BP3 3787 ng/ml (3420-6870)
-Prolactin 1: 5.6 ng/ml
-Prolactin 2: 5.8 ng/ml

I think obviously my T, my SHBG, my estrone and my FSH/LH and TSH are the ones causing my problems.

I tried tamoxifen after this bloodwork and I must say it worked a little bit as I went from no erection ever to 1-2 soft erections in the morning so I think my balls are working.

Can you recommend me a protocol regarding my current values as none of the „doctors etc.“ I went to want to help me. I would love to be on the cream because it seems so easy and not much can be done wrong and especially commiting to something for life the cream would be great… unfortunately in Germany I can’t get it. I might be able to find a doctor who has no knowledge in TRT but who would prescribe me testosterone privately so I Don’t have to use UGL. Is there a way that I can send this prescription to a compounding pharmacy in the Uk or like here advised to Nikolas Psathas and I can get the cream instead of the vials?

Before I start TRT Myself is there any other diagnostics that I should do or am I done after 4-5 years running from doc to doc? We unfortunately don’t have any private TrT Clinic so I will either go with pinning or will try balancemyhormones if I can’t get cream from compounding pharmacy with vial prescription.

Nevertheless please recommend me a beginning protocol in regards to my current values since I know I shouldn’t pin that often a week because of my high SHBG etc.


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