Hair Removal?

not sure where to post this, looked at the forums and figured yall know about this since your getting ready for competitions and such. My last girl expressed her feelings about my back. I know its hairy since I have a pretty hairy chest and stomach. circa tom selleck rockin a detroit hat!

So what is yalls favorite choice of hair removal? razor, wax, Lazar? tried nair one time-burnt my nipple!

I’m screwing around trying to find a way I like at the moment. I tried nair for men which wasn’t too bad. Though I ran out and got some off brand crap that I didn’t notice was extra strength and started to bleed from random parts of my body. I’m not willing to opt for lazer yet but there are some good electric razors you can buy just for this purpose. I got a Philips Norelco body groomer for this which leaves me with a small amount of hair left that I can easily clear with my razor and it seems to be working fine.

Philips Norelco(Watch there ad on the site it’s pretty damned funny.) -

There’s also the mangroomer…

Shaving sucks ass, I’ll tell you that.

Haven’t tried waxing or laser. Nair burned the fuck out of my chest/abdomen. It was irritated and dried out for like a week. It sucked ass. Haven’t tried it since. I did leave it on for too long I think though.

I’d definitely go for waxing just to try it. It hurts, but oh well. I’m kinda lazy and don’t know which places in my area will do men for any waxing so I haven’t tried it yet. Laser is still so fucking expensive, and the results aren’t balanced.

There is electrolysis too, which will take a long time to get your back done, but in the end it will be gone for good.

razor twice a week

last time I did it, I used a set of clippers then my girls lady bic on my chest and stomach. wasn’t too bad but got stubble and ingrown hairs. Just curious what some other options where out there. Also what it would cost to get waxed and if it is THAT BAD(KELLY CLARKSON!!!). they have a cosmetology school in my area, I wonder if they will practice on me for a reduced rate?

I can tell you that for any type of hair removal, waxing is the best method if you can’t afford Laser Hair Removal. I believe Sally Hansen has a microwaveable wax home kit that you can get at any drug store. This is, of course, if you don’t want to go to a professional waxer, which would be better. Alternatively, Veet hair removal spray is like Nair, but it can be used on sensitive skin.
I’m by a cosmetology school and they charge reduced rates for hair cuts, so why not waxing? I’m guessing they would.

My friend’s a guido (true story), and he uses this. It actually works really well.

I used a razor when I used to swim, just be sure to go WITH the direction of the hair for the bulk of it, and then when it’s really close, you can go against the grain, this way works for me so I didn’t get ingrown hairs.

I’ll make use of hair ‘clippers’ (or buzzers) without any attachments, but I gotta say that the Norelco Bodygroomer looks intriguing (and the site is pretty funny)


I am HRT… and life sucks since I am losing my hair (getting bald) but getting a lot of body hair…

Anyway, I do my back every 8 weeks, I visit an esthetician ans she does it with warm wax ! it is painful but does a good job and she is cute as hell…

[quote]PB Andy wrote:
My friend’s a guido (true story), and he uses this. It actually works really well. [/quote]

HAHA, the peanut, that’s what I use, but I’m not a guido, promise. It does work pretty well. I usually use the #1 comb on it, as I just want to get rid of the bulk of the hair, to see lines and such.

I’ve tried epilators and they work fine. In fact they give better results than waxing, they can be painful but if you get a water proof one you can use shaving cream to minimize pain and irritation they actually remove hair from the root. Look it up if you don’t know what I’m talking about they work wonders in hair removal. Also unlike waxing u can do it regularly without paying again and again just charge it up and it works so ye I prefer them.

Laser hair removal is the best!

[quote]rondastarr wrote:
Laser hair removal is the best![/quote]

Ronda have you tried it? I wax right now, and I can handle the pain. I love the results, but I am thinking of trying laser hair removal. Any stories you have to share?

I own a bodygroom…and it helps for getting the majority of the hair down, but if your looking for baby bottom smooth, a razor or wax is pretty much the only way to go.

i hate shaving with a passion, especially legs

i heard from a lot of girls that the lotion stuff like Nair works good but i dont wnat to fuck w/ those chemicals man.

The girl at the place I go for waxing told me that laser removing is very painful too and sometimes for some individuals it may not work. It is very expensive too, but supposed to be permananent.

I used a razor when I was getting ready for my first show, I got a few cuts that would NOT STOP bleeding. All the god damn fish oil thins the blood and prevents it from clotting. Apparently theres a lotion or some shit you can get that takes it off - definitely doing that in the future.

[quote]MaximusB wrote:
rondastarr wrote:
Laser hair removal is the best!

Ronda have you tried it? I wax right now, and I can handle the pain. I love the results, but I am thinking of trying laser hair removal. Any stories you have to share?[/quote]

Yes I have. I am currently in the process of getting it done and I will tell you it can hurt but not as bad at waxing. It feeling like a combination of an smalling electricution and a slap with an elastic band, but that is at it’s worst. It does take many treatments and is somewhat expensive but I think worth it in the end.