Going Back to Basics - Morning Workouts

Hi all,

I am reverting back to basics and starting again in my training. I am going to go to the gym more than my current two times a week (prob 3) and lay off the supplements until the diet is sorted, just bought 10k of chicken breasts so going to be eating healthier too.

My gym is cheap and therefore mega busy - getting to use the racks is becoming a nightmare. I am going to start working out in the AM. Any advice on how to train first thing in the morning? What should you eat before hand, any advice on how to maximise it?

I’m six foot 3, 18 stone, reasonably healthy. I dealift, squat, bench etc so worried about energy if I don’t eat beforehand but don’t know enough about it all so want to ask the experts!

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

I’m not an expert but I have steel cut oats and about a half a chicken breast before I go to the gym. I get up about 4:15 AM and am at the gym by 5:15AM. I also take a pre-work out with caffeine and feel 110% between the food and the caffeine by the time I get there.

I train for about 1-1.5 hours. When I get home I have about 30 grams of whey protein with 2 pixie sticks (not sure if they have those in Scotland - basically flavored sugar). I shower, get ready for work, then have some of the following (mix it up every morning): Eggs with veggies and ground turkey, steel cut oats with greek yogurt, chicken breast, turkey sausage, blueberries - stuff like that.

Looks like this
4:15 AM - chicken, steel cut oats, caffeine
5:15-6:15/45AM - train
7AM - whey protein with sugar
7:45 - normal breakfast

Works great for me. I also only do the basics (for the last three years): Squat, Deadlift, Bench, Dips, OHP, Rows, Pull-ups. I do some ab stuff and some arm stuff but not much. Spring - Fall I run 3-5 miles after every other lifting session.