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Fitter Since I Started Eating Junk Food?


Okay,so basically,I wasn't happy at all with my fitness,even though I'd been doing a lot of work on it and eating pretty much perfectly.So I remembered that when I was younger,I'd eat a fair bit of junk food(bars of chocolate essentially)and still be very fit.Granted,I was a whole lot lighter then,but it gave me the inspiration to go ahead and try it for a week.So I was eating say cookies and shit once or twice a day,not a huge amount.

I just played a match on Friday and was flying around the pitch,really comfortably,didn't feel like I was struggling at all.This got me thinking,could it have been a lack of sugar on my part that was making me low on energy?Could that have been a side affect of eating only good foods?I'm really intrigued by this,as at the moment it's looking like something so simple could have gone a long way to solving my problem.



What was your diet like beforehand? Egg whites and broccoli don't give you too much power for the scrum, ya know...


It's much the same as now,except with added sugary,stereotypically junk foods.Chicken,pasta,eggs,cottage cheese,breads,tuna,fruit(bananas primarily)veg,(brocolli primarily),ham,yohgurt.not a whole lot else to be honest.


hmm could have been a pyschological thing, your brain might have been craving something sweet and when you finally ate some junk, it got happier and rewarded you. that's my theory anyway, or yeha you coulda been low on sugar


Why don't you try cutting out the junk food and adding in more "good" carbs instead? If you still perform great then it was probably the lack of carbs. If not, well then maybe it really is something in the junk food.


But I eat a lot of complex carbs from breads,pasta and cereals,what else could I be eating for contact sport does anyone know??


You're not eating enough calories noob


I agree with bigfoot. Also Might just be a mental thing.I saved an article a while ago claiming that when your body has cravings it's pretty much telling you that you're lacking some minerals. On the chart it said chocolate craving is a magnesium deficiency. Sugary cravings are a Chromium, Carbon,Sulfur, Tryptophan deficiency. It was a vegetarian(which I'm not) holistic health website so you have to kind of read it with a grain of salt. If you're interested I can email you the pdf.


if you need simple sugars then fruit would be a better choice than junk food. your diet does seem kinda low on fats though, you might just have to experiment a bit. I'm not sure how much of what you are eating though, keep that in mind


Noob?You're clearly retarded.


i would be interested to read the pdf. file.



Good point Bigfoot, that is a awfully low fat diet. I think fat can sometimes be a useful energy source for endurance activities (marathons, etc).


maybe you're not getting enough sodium? pretty important for lifters and especially so for athletes, there was an article on proper sodium intake a while back...just an idea