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First Show, 10 Weeks Out

Whats up guys. Ive never posted in this forum before but it’s time for some critique. I have been in prep since january 1st. I am working with 2 coaches, 1 for posing and 1 for training. Lately I’ve been hitting back 2x and hamstrings 2x because I feel those parts are lacking. I am weighing in at 194 right now and we are shooting for the Middleweight class. Anyways, I am on week 10 now and my diet and training have been on point. I am tired of hearing how “amazing” I look from normal people. What do you guys think?

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Took these this morning with 1 meal in my body

Congrats on busting your ass and stepping onstage. To be honest, you’ve got a ton of work to do. If you wanna look good, awesome, you’ll do that no doubt. If you wanna place or take a tough class, you need to go well beyond being the most “ripped” guy in your gym.

Legs twice a week is a good call, more legs, and specially hams should be your goal even after the contest.

The trick is to not lose any lbm while comin in at a steady, and hopefully consistent pace. I’ve got a few guys coming down a lb a week for a show 8-13 weeks away and they’re well leaner than your current pics. What that means is that I hope you’re consistent with 2lbs/week at the moment or else you’d better figure out what buttons you need to press.

I’ll definitely follow along on this thread and offer any suggestions if you’d like. I have “some” experience with this type of stuff :slight_smile:



Thanks for the criticism I really appreciate getting outside perspective from people other than I know. I kinda got thrown into this show, I was planning on waiting until october but someone had different plans for me lol.
So far I haven’t lost any weight but I figure my body is holding a lot of water because of the compounds I am using. My coaches have assured me in 2 more weeks when my diet and compounds change Im gonna start dropping weight like a maniac. This is just what I have been told by my coach though.
Im open to all feedback and advice.
The pic below is from december 16th vs now

I know I have a lot of work to do and I might not come in as tight or as big as I can but I am going to try as hard as I can and my next show I will come in tighter leaner and bigger!

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Congratulations on your current progress man and preparing for the stage! Awesome!

You’ve got a lot of mass and thickness. Proportionally, I think your chest could be fuller compared to the rest of your upper body.

I agree with everything @The_Mighty_Stu said. For the stage, you’ve got a long way to go for being 10 weeks out. Your current level of leanness looks like it would be an ideal place to start a prep without having to go through “crunch” mode, so if you’re 10 weeks out it’s really time to put the pedal to the metal and start seeing some more significant leaning out.

Looking at your pics, there has been some recomping going on no doubt. This could certainly be the case of holding water, but IMO if you’ve been prepping for 10 weeks and haven’t lost any weight, it’s not all water, and you should be making more adjustments in your nutrition to ensure some scale movement. Just offering my .02 here.

While I personally don’t have experience in the compounds you’re using and will be using when your protocol changes, 8 weeks doesn’t seem like a lot of time, no matter what types of changes will be made. If I were to offer advice, it would be to start making some nutritional adjustments to ensure scale movement, and possibly add more cardio. This is having no idea what your current nutrition and cardio regimen is, again just offering my thoughts!

Best of luck man and be sure to keep us updated! Keep up the good work!

Thanks @robstein! Once again I appreciate all the input! Ive actually been in prep for 6 weeks not 10. And I totally agree with you about not starting lean enough. Also be advised I am looking to switch coaches after this show haha

IMO a big mistake many competitors AND “coaches” make is an over reliance on their compounds. If you can’t do it with nutrition and training, you need to ask yourself what you’re doing.


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I’m not a competitive bodybuilder, so take this with a grain of salt, but I do know a thing or 2 about being lean, and where one should expect to be 10 weeks out, ‘assisted’ or not. I don’t know exactly what you’re running, but I strongly doubt that whatever changes you’re planning to make over the next few weeks in compounds will do what you think they’re going to do. I also don’t think water retention is your problem here. You’re just not that lean yet. I know that’s a tough pill to swallow, but it is what it is.

You’re not gonna embarrass yourself on stage, but it seems like you’re already aware that you may not be where you should be right now. Best of luck at this show, and if things don’t turn out the way you want them to, chalk it up to a great learning experience and come in better prepared next time!

EDIT: for reference, I’ve been told by an experienced competitor that my current physique (my avatar picture) is about 10-12 weeks out.


@flipcollar thanks for your input. Hearing Im not as lean as I think is what Ive been telling everyone lol. They don’t understand the physique ans conditioning that go into this. I messaged my coach with this
"Should i be alarmed that my weight hasnt really changed and I have 10 weeks to lose 20lbs to hit 176"

He replied "Have you improved? Do you look better than when you started? Don’t worry about weight. Don’t worry about class. Just focus on getting shredded. "

I feel like hes just saying "keep paying me and dont worry"
Sounds like winning was never in his eyes and he just wanted me on stage.
This isnt that discouraging though because its a typical answer from him. I am just going to keep griding and bring the best I can. Like I said, next time I will be more ready! Thank you all for your input. Your confirming what I have been thinking

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He’s correct in that scale weight doesn’t matter, BUT do weekly photos attest to 1.5-2 lbs of recomp each week? If not, then you’re gonna have a problem.

What was your height? (Sorry if I missed it, on my phone atm)


I don’t have a lot of confidence in my ability to judge physiques, but my initial response was that you aren’t lean enough for being ten weeks out so it was nice to hear others confirm my thoughts.

That being said, you look good and will certainly show well, I just wouldn’t expect to win. And, you seem to have things in perspective, so rock on.

I’d be curious to know your “compounds,” what you’re using and what you plan to use. If you don’t feel comfortable discussing that, it’s all good. I assume you are competing in a non-tested fed so it shouldn’t be an issue, but, it is the interwebs after all.

Not sure if you have seen @BrickHead’s contest prep thread here Leaning Out/Contest Prep Thread but this is a pic of him at 173 I think, around 5’10", down from 206 I think.

He did finish 1st overall and got his pro card, but that was a natty competition. Just for reference.

Keep grinding bro, you have a good attitude and perspective.


@The_Mighty_Stu I am 5’8

@The_Myth this is what my coach put me on… I can feel the criticism coming now lol. I feel like he just through a bunch od shit together but anyways here we go
WEEK 1 - 6
Test Cyp @ 600 mg a week
TREN ENAN @ 300 mg a week
EQ @ 500 to 600 a week
TBOL @ 50MG ED week 1-5

WEEK 7 -15
Test PROP @ 100 mg EOD (every other day) CUT OUT AT 2 WEEKS OUT)
Tren Ace @ 100 mg EOD
Winny @ 50mg ED
Clen @ 50mcg ED


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IN for infos!!! I am currently doing something very similar but with out a time table. I am a complete noob to all of this.

Kind of surprised EQ is ran so late in prep and that tren was dropped…and the dosage of tren is less than what I thought it would be.

I think you came to the right place for a check in. I also think that no matter what happens on stage it is a great learning experience.

Thanks for the response.

I’m not experienced enough to comment intelligently on your “compound” protocol, but I suspect @flipcollar or @yogi is/are.

I doubt this is going to happen. You’re an adult, not a teenager with six months lifting trying to get hyooge fast, but I might be wrong.

I assume with that many compounds, this is not your first cycle.

One thing I do not see is an AI or Hcg, two things you should probably be running alongside the AAS.

With Test Cyp I suspect you are holding water, so when you drop that you will likely drop the water weight as well. Are you planning carb cycling and a water cut prior to the show?

Have you used Tren before? Tren E is kind of like burning the boats if you haven’t used Tren prior - the sides can be rough and with the long ester it’s not like you can just quit.

Anyway, my thoughts based on my reading and not my experience. I’m not the most knowledgeable guy for gear, I just read a lot and have been on TRT for a while. Take my thoughts with a grain of salt. I’ve been accused of talking out my ass in the past, rightfully so.

In for the follow for sure, good luck, keep updating!

I’m 5’8 as well, and my current avatar pic was from making middleweight at 175.4 lbs and then probably going up a few lbs from carbs and water backstage if that helps you at all.

Now, in terms of your weight not changing and holding water, I know a few IFBB pros who sometimes struggle with dropping weight because of all of the heavy duty confounds they’re on, BUT they seriously look different week to week, and they also have a lot more muscle weight on them, so the possibility of holding noticeable water is a lot more feasible on a 240 lb guy compared to a 180-190 lb guy. I can’t see your entire physique magically turning around in those last couple of weeks. I certainly hope I’m wrong, because I don’t pretend to be a PED experts, but it just sounds like a few things are off here.


I am running EQ and tren all 16 weeks…

This is definitely not my first cycle. I have been running cycles for 2 years. I ALWAYS run an AI. I use HCG during my pct. I also did not post my pct but dont worry guys… I never skimp on that. Pct is as important as the cycle is not more!
I HAVE run tren before. I HATE IT and yet here I am, back on it lmao.

After talking to my wife earlier she made a good point… at this point rather than be concerned with what weight I come in at, I just need to be concerned with looking the best I can.

Also Im not saying my fat is water weight lol… obviously its not water weight. I just know thay with unrestricted sodium intake, 2 gallons of water a day and the compounds I am using, I am absolutely hding some water. Maybe not a ton but more than if I wasn’t


And thank you for posting it, I have never seen an actual contest prep posted. I have seen theories or hypothetical and read about them but not actually seen one.

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I’m obsessed with body fat percentage. But, the mirror is all that counts!


Hey man any updates on progress? this is a very interesting thread!