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First Cycle, Seeking Advice

Back in the '70’s I had a PDR. There were 4 different orals in that PDR: Dianabol, Anavar, Winstrol, and Anadrol. For the very most part, our group of guys stayed away from Anadrol. I did a couple cycles of Anadrol at the start of a 8 to 12 cycle for no more than a four week span.

Our Bro-science at the time was;

  • Dianabol: the very best bang for the buck for size, strength, and safety
  • Anadrol: expect great gains in size, strength, water bloat, and pray for your liver
  • Anavar: best oral for a clean, hard look, but not as much strength or size. This was the contest go-to oral.
  • Winstrol: nice for size.

I should say that we didn’t take real high doses of any of these orals, but we always incorporated orals in every cycle.