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Feeling Like Crap After Leg Day


Hi guys, usually after my workouts I feel beaten up, but on leg day is worst, after my workout I feel like crap. Does anyone experience this on leg day too?


Only if i don't eat enough. eat more.


It's normal to feel more sore/tired after leg training since your legs contain some of the largest muscles in the body.

Posting your training and diet will allow people to see if you're making any glaring mistakes which could be making things worse.




Not feeling more sored or tired, I feel like Im gonna puke, disoriented and really dizzy.


You shouldn't feel any of these the day after training.

Which workout are you doing?


that means you should give up weightlifting
It is not for you


Sorry I confused things...my bad english... I feel this things during the workout and right after the workout, but not the day after.


Recently I've been really pressing hard with squats and rdls, and after I finish up in the gym and get home, I feel like throwing up for 20-30 minutes. But after that, I'm fine, and I'm certainly not feeling too bad the next day unless I didn't get enough sleep or enough food.

So if you're not getting enough nutrition, get more. And if you're not getting enough sleep, get more of that too.


I get that when I'm doing high repetitions of single leg split squat with front foot elevated. What are you exercises and rep range?


your not doing cardio afterwards, are you?


make sure you are breathing properly. Sometimes on a partcularly heavy lift people will hold their breath instead of exhaling and breathing properly. This can cause the dizzyness, nausea, etc. I've had those symptoms only twice and only on leg days. Legs are an intensive workout and that's why many people skip legs. At least your doing them. good luck


You probably have terrible work capacity. This is what will happen to you when you are strong enough to fuck up your blood ph pretty good but are not conditioned well enough to clear it. Start doing some of the complexes that are on the front page right now, they will prob fuck you up even worse but it will give your body a few cracks at that metabolic situation.


How long do you workout for? I usually get that jelly leg feeling after i workout legs, nothing crazy though. Yea maybe your conditioning is bad


Thank you guys! No Im not doing cardio afterwards. Usually I start with squats (all the way down) 4 x 8-10, Lunges 4 x 8 - 10 and Leg Presses 4 x 8- 10.


Odds are good that it is just nutrition, rest, and/or technique (breathing) as others have mentioned. But if you think you are eating right, getting enough rest, and breathing, then you might want to talk to a doctor.

I think the symptoms you describe can come from low blood-oxygen. If this isn't from breathing wrong, or from something else, it could be a heart condition.


I think you might have to get used to the routine. Back off the weight for a week, maybe 10-20% and see how you feel and gradually build back up. Sometimes you have to take it down a notch in order to move forward.



You've probably worked up to too great a training volume to recover from. Just do the squats. And then add in the other stuff slowly if you think it's necessary. I just don't see why you would want to do leg presses after squats. Personally I only squat and DL, that alone can really f*** you up :smiley:


Any stimulants pre training?? if not cut the volume do 3 sets of eveything instead of 4, personally i do 2 sets of everything, as long as there is progressions from week to week.


BTW for quads try sets of 20-30 reps for a while, watch how your quads respond.