Eddie Hall Eyeing Up Raw Bench Press WR

A video popped up on my YouTube earlier from a series on Eddie’s channel called road to 700lb bench. There’s two videos so far and in the second he suggests that he is going to try for the WR. He’s also gaining weight again and back in the high 300lbs.

What do you guys think? I’m excited to see him try at the very least. Every time I see videos of him doing heavy lifts in the gym part of me wants to know how he’d have done in powerlifting at his strongest.

Link to the video for those who want to see it:

It’s around 4:45 he starts talking about it.

Eddie Hall says a lot of things. Before this, it was the log record. Then coming back for Britains Strongest man. Then boxing. Then weightlifting. Delivered on none.

Eddie Hall will do whatever it takes to make sure people keep talking about Eddie Hall. I don’t see this turning into anything real.


Seriously. In the picture for the video he has 545 on the bar for a “PB”, that’s a long fucking way from 700, much less a world record. If he was at least somewhere close to 700 that would be something. I might as well post a video of me benching 390 say I’m going to beat Julius Maddox’s numbers. All I need to do is gain 200lbs and take steroids for 5 years straight, nothing can stop me.

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Just to play devils advocate…he still is a strong mofo and if he thinks he can do it, maybe he can. I’m not gonna judge cause my max bench is somewhere in the low three’s.

Not gonna happen. And how is he saying those loose ass bands are adding 40kg. Says 285kg at the top and looks around 245kg in bar weight. There’s no tension at the bottom even lol


If I had to bet on it I don’t think he’ll make the WR. 700 is a bit less but still unlikely. He may be as driven as ever but he’s nowhere near peak strength anymore and dunno if he is willing to get back to that.

Eddie has talked a lot of shit in the past. He has backed it up sometimes like with the 500kg. He didn’t get the log record but watching it nobody can say he wasn’t really fucking close. He was strong enough to lift it. One or two little things being in his favour like not having fucked ankles and he’d have got it. Plenty of the time though he is just blowing hot air like having forays into other sports and stunting. There’s only been a few he’s committed to properly and of those he got them or was heartbreakingly close.

I think he could’ve given it a good go back in the day when he was a training at his peak like much fatter and druggier. Without focusing on it too much he hit 6 plates for a few so he was already up there. He is gonna have to re hit that peak at minimum to have any chance. Unlikely

In the first episode of this series, he hit 6 plates for a solid paused rep and failed on the second. I don’t think it’s likely he’ll even hit 300kg to be honest, much less the 750 pound record Maddox is bound to hit soon.

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I watch most of his videos with the same thought process. “What the fuck is he talking about” frequently enters my brain. I saw those bands and MAYBE they’re adding 20kg to the top of the incline, but far from 40 for the flat. Gotta say whatever you can to make sure 12 year old redditors spread ridiculous claims all over the Internet I suppose.


Maybe talking himself up is a strategy. If he believes all the shit he talks up to himself having that belief and confidence has to be better than self doubt

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It’s a strategy for sure: just not one being used for lifting more weight.


In a Brian Shaw video, Eddie claimed something like 300kg as his best bench. That was with an 8ft bar and during prepping for WSM.

If that is somewhere close to accurate, I think 700 is on the cards.

In his documentary on Netflix, he talks about being competitive. He has a need to compete. He said he’d quit strongman after he won WSM, but then he’d probably pursue something else (I think he jokingly mentioned ping pong).

Perhaps these videos are equal parts of talking out his ass and scratching his competitive itch to satisfy his own needs.

I’ve known some people who say crazy things. They lock on to some outlandish thing and convince themselves they’re going to do.

The thoughts and ideas come and go pretty regularly but they actually believe it when they’re in the moment.

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I remember that part of the documentary and actually thought of it myself when I first saw his YouTube video.

I get the impression he thinks he has a chance at the record rather than he’s just saying it to get attention. However whether he actually has a chance or not I don’t know and it seems like most people think not.

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those bands though…

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I think the fact that he is solipsistic enough to have a Netflix documentary about himself prior to him getting the deadlift WR or WSM win is more proof of concept of what I’ve written about: Eddie Hall will do anything in his power to make sure that people talk about Eddie Hall.

It’s hard to keep instagram followers when you’re retired. But if you keep teasing about coming out of retirement, they’ll stay tuned.

It’s like the season of The Ultimate Fighter where they invited Kimbo Slice on. He got destroyed early in the season, but EVERY episode they teased that he MIGHT get to come back.

He didn’t. He never got another chance. But his followers were a LARGE portion of the fanbase that year.

And I don’t want anyone to misconstrue this as a lack of respect for Eddie. I think there is a fair argument to be made that he was literally the strongest human to ever walk the planet, and he did it in his 20s. However, his talents aren’t just strength: they’re marketing, and that’s what this is.


I for sure think when Eddie was at his peak had he taken some time to train towards this goal he probably could have obtained it. I also think he could have beaten the total record as well. At this point in his career though I wouldn’t expect him to achieve this goal. He claims strength is coming back quickly and using a normal bar he probably could do slightly more as well so i could forsee him hitting a 700lb touch n go bench but I doubt he takes the record.

With that said Eddie has claimed lots of things but Eddie is also a tongue in cheek kind of guy. So lots of what he says is just joking fodder, however when Eddie claims he’ll do something hes mostly delivered. He set the axle record, he shattered the deadlift, he won WSM, he retired from WSM immediatly upon winning, and then he went for the Log record which you could clearly tell he had the strength to complete, It was just a matter of injuries and a near miss. So when Eddie actually puts his mind to it and says hes going to do it, he typically delivers.

In a year when the WSM comp was the most statically focused it had been in a LONG time.

And hasn’t been since.

Almost as though, with the rising popularity of Eddie, the folks who run WSM tailored the event for him to win…

But that would be VERY uncharacteristic for the same organization that also banned Bill Kazmaier from competing because he was too dominant and made the event no longer exciting to watch…hahaha.


In one of the Martins videos where he’s training with Kearney, Poundstone was there helping out. Poundstone (who now looks small next to Martins) said that the WSM these days is a lot heavier than when he was competing. Which is hilarious because all the Thor and Hall fans were blasting 'da webz with comments about how Martins only won the WSM this year because it was “too light”. add: relative to how it “used to be”, which is obviously inaccurate lol

(It is surprising that Poundstone won 2 Arnolds, which is heavier than the WSM. But then, he didn’t have to compete against Pudz in the Arnolds.)

Won Fortissimus too. Dude was a monster competitor back in the day.