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Eddie Hall Eyeing Up Raw Bench Press WR

I’m not sure whether they catered the events towards Hall or not. Imo though Hall was at a static strength that might have been unparalleled by anyone in history. I mean we are trying to determine the worlds “strongest” man. Shouldn’t static strength be a big part of that?

It’s ok: I am, haha.

Static strength is ALWAYS a part of WSM. Hard to find a year where it wasn’t.

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Yeah, and it is. The issue arises when that’s majority of the events. The world’s strongest man should be able to borderline run with heavy weight as well as pushing or pulling it statically. God do I miss the power stairs being a main event.

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We got a fairly easy 275kg/605 bench today. Solid, but still a fuck ton off the WR.

He mentions the bar been really whippy probably takes off around 15kg compared to a stiff bar. I’ve no idea whether this is true or not - what do some of you stronger guys think?

I’ve never been strong enough to bend a bar on bench, but you don’t get the same advantage you do on a deadlift. In the case of deadlifts the sagging bar makes the distance you actually need to lift the entire load a few inches shorter.

On bench it might make unracking easier, but you still have to travel the same distance on the press. Maybe even further when you think about the bit of extra travel to touch your chest with a bent bar.

The bar whipping might change how the lift feels and makes it easier, but I wouldn’t know anything about that with my poverty bench.

Guess we need to take the word of people strong enough to do it.

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I don’t think I worded it well so not sure if it was conveyed right but he said he can do 15kg more on a straight bar. Apparently the whip throws it off balance and makes it harder.

No you did I just read it completely wrong. That makes a lot more sense to me.

I don’t like how bar whip feels on squats. I could only imagine how dicey it makes a monster bench press.

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Men’s Health just released an article on their website about Eddie popping himself on a set of leg presses.

Just to reiterate my point about Eddie doing ANYTHING to make sure people keep talking about him.


That’s on Men’s Health, doing the get clicks thing. I watched that video on Hall’s channel (he’s entertaining, what can I say) -it happened spontaneously during his training. He also literally passed out while (over) doing the leg press after a bad squat session due to knee/hip issue.

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But it’s ALSO on Eddie for disclosing it in the first place, haha.

They both want to talk about Eddie Hall.

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The whole pooping/farting thing is “a thing” with some of these guys though, not just Hall. The Shaw/Hall/Oberst videos I saw were always making references to Hall’s farts. In that same pooping video, Hall pulled his shorts down and literally farted on the back of the head of a gym “buddy” who was doing a leg press. Hall is who he is. But imo at least he’s genuine in presenting who he is, and most importantly pretty much acknowledges/owns it.

As he said in one of his bench videos, (to paraphrase) -unlike others out there (self aggrandizing, to your point), I actually back up my bullshit (acknowledges people are probably thinking he’s talking shit with this bench press goal). Hall will get his 700 lb bench press, or he will injure/kill himself trying.

For sure: a guy that will do anything to make sure people talk about him :slight_smile:

That is my contention at least.

How does Eddie make his living if nobody is talking about him anymore?

If you back up your bullshit, I’m fine with it, because it’s no longer bullshit.

As long as he doesn’t start spouting advice about sports he knows nothing about, and has never competed in, like some “famous coaches”…

Hall just became business partner in something or other with Arnold.

He went to some laudatory Stallone event where Stallone started blowing Hall with praise (I stopped watching, it was too much).

He recently inked a deal with some billion dollar clothing company.

So it’s working. Give him that.

Exactly. He’s a retired athlete at late 20s/Early 30s. Social media is his income. He’s gonna do and say whatever it takes to keep it happening. It’s why I don’t take it seriously. It’s just kayfabe.

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I absolutely do. It’s the right move. It falls on the audience to understand that it’s all a show.

Had to google…

I’ve never watched a WWE type event in my life. Philosophically speaking, what does that say about me, since I watch a lot of Eddie Hall videos.

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I know surprisingly much about professional wrestling for someone that never watched the sport. I blame Jamie Lewis. But it’s an interesting mix of genuine fakeness.