Drew Baye Wins Over 50

I guess so now that you mention it, haven’t seen any posts for a while

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How do trolls respond to irony? I am curious. :thinking:

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All i can say…this individual shows up on different HIT forums or YouTube videos every few years and spouts off anti-hit and high volume is the only way and arnold is his god

sad case of HIT or Mentzer living rent free in his head…so, just a troll


He must be real salty because HIT has seen huge resurgence on youtube and tictok. A whole new generation that are being exposed to HIT, Yates and Mentzer lol. I even saw this Sam Salek they’re all losing their shit over mentioning mentzer and saying hes now halved his volume.


Eventually I hope people realize there are more than two choices (between 1 set a month vs 40 sets a week) and that enough effort is needed, but there is nothing magic about failure. Thought by now people would finally get this…


yep right on, I have debated him on FB about this, showed him the medical research , then he blocked me lol


As I have stated previously, DB has no credentials in the exercise field. He is a 50 year old man posing in a skimpy swimsuit in a public setting. He has educated himself with SuperSlow dogma. He claims testosterone replacement therapy, but wants everyone to take his words on the legitimacy of such therapy without posted lab values, dosages, dosage schedule, Dr. Orders, ie. Rxs. All this information could be provided by the patient to alleviate any suspicions of improprieties.

I gave up debating his ilk , as it became obvious that he and others knew the truth about cardiovascular conditioning, but chose a course of deceit. Dr. McGuff knows about cardiovascular conditioning also. That is why he has NO follow up book to BBS. Was there anything related to exercise that he was actually right about?


OSB is Wayne’s.

I agree. That applies to so many aspects of fitness. Calories for example. If you mention tracking calories, there is always someone who says “SO YOU ARE SAYING A BAG OF POTATO CHIPS = STEAK AND SALAD??”

And round and round we go.

TRT definitely had an impact.


A long time ago, when he was quite young (teens or early 20’s), Drew got quite ripped (though he didn’t have particularly big muscles). For a long time, he used a photo of his young ripped self to sell a program on how to get lean or lose weight. The funny part was that as he got into his 30’s and beyond, he got beefier, but was never again close to being lean. He would occasionally write on his blog about his plans to do a cut, or get lean. But it never happened. Then more recently, he mentions going on TRT, and shortly after that, manages to produce this lean and relatively muscular physique. The timing of these two things is interesting. Of course, it is probably all down to doing HIT, and eating a lot of chicken and broccoli. Isn’t that how Hollywood physiques are made?

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Indeed. In the recent social media era, being “on TRT” seems to have taken on the meaning of “making liberal use of anabolics, but less than the amount used by Olympia competitors.”


Chicken, broccoli and RICE.

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Including inhuman amounts of high volume training, for at least 3 hours a day. But, let’s call it HIT for the sake of it.

Drew Baye is polarizing. I think I first ran across him on the ancient Cyber Pump site. But, regarding the original post, hats off to him for his medals. More recently he placed in a contest in Wisconsin. I am interested to see if he will continue competing. Love him or hate him, the world of HIT would be boring without him.