Drew Baye Wins Over 50

Drew Baye wins the over 50 Daytona NPC bodybuilding championship…all of us critics owe him an apology for ridiculing superslow HIT

My apologies to Drew

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Yep. He looked great too. Drew has some thick traps that are still there after such a large weight loss/cut.

Amazing! Yes, he looked great! I have never given up on SuperSlow, as I really liked the Darden 30-30-30 routine and regularly go back to the regular 4/4 cadence (which is slow). Too bad Drew Baye didn’t stay with us here on Tnation. He truly deserves a second chance as he has earned his right to have an opinion!

For starters, I would like to know more about his prep!



Where can i find photos?

That’s true. He’s admitted to being on TRT on YouTube.

True but I like to think that he wasn’t the only one. There were probably others on TRT or on gear to level the playing field.


I believe you’re 100% right. I’m not trying to throw shade whatsoever, he looked great and legitimately won the show. It’s not a Tested show, so it doesn’t matter. He showed up in shape and won. I won’t knock that.

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The nipples always seem to take on that weird look with gear.

No worries. I wanted to add that bit so people don’t impulsively try to discredit Drew but rather be able to see the bigger picture.

It crazy to see how the paradigm is slowly shifting from HVT to HIT. The Menzter Brothers are becoming popular on algorithms. Fitness influencers have addressed or will be addressing HIT/HD/Low Volume.

This may seem heretical in this form but I wonder if Arthur Jones and Dr. Ellington should have named HIT as High Effort Training (HET) instead. Especially with the HIIT/HIT confusion.

As a fifty-something exercise science professor I still find it amazing that I have to explain to students that HIT actually predates “HIIT” (at least in name) by three decades. Definitely an interesting thought you bring up regarding naming exercise protocols.

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Drew Baye is to be commended for his conditioning efforts.

Hormone replacement therapy is a very different concept than taking steroids for bodybuilding purposes.

Mr. Baye could improve his conditioning with appropriate cardiovascular methodology. And, it ain’t barbells. He is incredibly misinformed on cardiovascular conditioning. However, his low volume routines are intriguing.

I had a feeling this was coming :joy::joy::joy:

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There are many anti-depressive medications on the market. Perhaps you might avail yourself of a suitable remedy to control those crying (whining) episodes.

I’m not speaking out against you. Just had a feeling you were going to address cardiovascular conditoning and Drew Baye’s decisions not to engage with it.

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I choose not to address CC anymore here. I merely stated the obvious in that CC could improve Mr. Baye’s conditioning and his appearance. He is only about 50 years behind in cardiovascular conditioning information. He has zero experience in CC. He has done zero research in CC. Might I add, he has zero credentials. Why should anyone believe him when he discusses and summarily dismisses CC.


Look I’m laughing that your response was highly predictable. I’m not in anyway trying to oppose your view or disrespect your comments. You responded with a snarky remark as a Pharmacist. So I’m here to address that.

I’m glad we cleared that up. Now we all are aware who the custodian of Mr. Baye’s affairs is! No need to be snippy here!

Lol! I’m trying to de-escalate this. It’s funny that a Pharmacist gets upset that I laughed at their predictable response. No I don’t fully agree with Drew Baye’s opinions either. I’ve responded in a past post that I’m more aligned with HVT. Also I have asked you a question about CC in the past. So please go home, get comfortable, and take some Lorazepam.