Deca and Test for TRT

On the excelmale forums there seem to be a few posts of men on TRT with a clinic who are put on deca with their test but they don’t seem to lower the test, just add the deca (so100mg test/100mg deca or 200mg test/100mg deca etc).
I think this is often short term ( a few months) but isnt is a lot safer to lower the overall dose even if for a short term, especially with older people?

I self medicate my TOTT (testosterone On Tap Therapy), normally 180mg of test e a week but recently added 100mg of deca so dropped the test to 100mg to lessen the load.
If its thought that their actions don’t necessarily “stack” up I’ll bump up my test again but that doesn’t seem to be the way it would work?
Your thoughts on this please gentlemen.
(I’m looking for recovery from exercise more than anything else).

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Very good read. I was recently on DECA mixed with a lower dose of Test C. For me my blood pressure shot up as well as my weight.Also, I did not feel right. Just my experience.


Fuck that. Add tren.
No, im serious. Lots of talk on the web about adding 50-100mgs of tren to 200mgs of test.
I tried it - i didnt really feel anything off it but thats probably cause the dosage is way too low for my LBM.
Anyways, we have to make 1 thing clear. TRT is to replace what you would have naturally at the best case scenario. Anything over that is just a low dose blast or a cruise. As soon as you drop the TRT idea, you can basically do whatever you want and enjoy going by feel and actual sides.
I dont see anything wrong with experimenting with this or something else. I would probably go with NPP in case of decas, but to each their own - you wont know until you try. Just have to lose the TRT bullshit because TRT is something very very concrete and with a very specific goal, but people who just want to hide their drug abuse(its not a bad thing that someone takes drugs to perform better, its just bad to lie about it) and they basically mini-blast and call it a TRT.
There are guys who look like pro bodybuilders, who are on 200mgs of test as a TRT, add 10iu of GH, add masteron for sex drive, add primo for some lean gains and some anavar as a pre-workout and they still call this a TRT even tho now they total 1 gram of steroids a week, lol.

Outside the idea of calling it a TRT, i am all for any sort of experiments and i believe we can and should challenge all the classic approaches with what a cycle is, what a cruise is, what it consists off and how long it can be. We can do whatever we want - there is no right or wrong, unless you drop dead off it, lol.


From the article:

Personally, I would rather use Test + 5-alpha reductase inhibitors than Deca. The percentage of men that suffer sexual sides from Deca seem to far outweigh the percent of men with those sides that use Test and a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor. It seems being on exogenous Test lowers the rate of sexual side effects from Finasteride, but even without the exogenous Test, I believe the rates of sexual sides from Finasteride is a lot lower than that of Deca.

FWIW, my genetic freak buddy (has done nearly a 4X BW deadlift at like 205 lbs) seems to like low Test and high Deca or High Test + Dutasteride or High Test + High EQ + Dutasteride for his blasts these days. All of these approaches have kept him away from androgenic side effects (mainly hair loss).

Just my $0.02.


That kinda brings up some legality and availability issues, not including most people having terrible sides as a result of adding Tren… Adding clinic-provided Deca seems pretty reasonable, but finding some UGL source to give you a vial of stuff you can’t verify is a big stretch comparatively lol. This is the TRT forum anyways.


I guess I am of the opinion that all the drugs should be legal. We should be able to choose what we put in our bodies IMO. If you identify as a beast, you should be able to take hormones to help you with your transition. It isn’t like FTM hormone therapy doesn’t reduce life span (while MTF probably increases it).

Hank is kinda right about a lot of dudes doing like 50-100 mg of Tren a week with their cruise (at least I’ve seen it recently on the YouTubes). It isn’t for me. I don’t have an issue with people adding whatever to their cruise though. I’d hope they were responsible and understand the risks involved.

What would worry me the most about adding Deca or Tren is that I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing it forever for health reasons. I guess maybe like 50 mg of Deca a week would be okay, but it isn’t like that is going to be a substantial difference in LBM long term. So what is the point for me?


Agree 100%, but that is not accurate to current - so it doesn’t really apply to the current situation IMO.

People can do whatever they want, but without a legal source, it adds inherent risk that some people (like myself) really would rather avoid. That, and it takes the discussion entirely away from “TRT” when mentioning Tren. Who knows though, maybe the future will provide us with high quality, legal Tren.

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With Tren, we actually do have this, although legality is probably a gray area (you might want to buy a cow so that you have an excuse haha). You can buy Finaplix-H (Tren Ace pellets) on the internet, or from farm supply stores.

I am guessing the quality is good. MERCK makes some of the products (they are a big pharma company). Honestly it wouldn’t surprise me if quality is better than that of compounded Test.


I originally put this in pharma because I am definitely not on TRT, I’m doing drugs. As many as I think I can handle that wont mess me up too quickly so I agree totally with @hankthetank.
However Im 57, slim, thought I was in good shape till I took up BJJ, mma a few months ago and although I want to train daily I start to unravel if I train more than 4 or 5 days in a week (yes I know the answer is not more drugs but less excersie, but its what I like).
If I was told tomorrow I had a year to live I’d order the tren as soon as I’d left the docs office but even my addictive personality knows this is not a good idea for me.
As a side note I will say if I don’t feel super fab on this at any point I will bump up my test or the deca or both, or add something else and yes I know I have issues but I’m ok with that…


I believe that we all will come to an age when ALL THIS will seem like unnecessary. I have no idea how it is to be older, but like - my GF is afraid to be old, because she has always been the 10/10 girl with all the benefits through her entire life and her biggest fear is that one day no one will give a shit abt her. I tried to explain to her that at that point she wont care also because the way she will see life will be different. If now we look for someone to fuck, at that age we will look for someone who cleans up our shit and brings us the medicine. The strenght, sex and all that stuff might become completely irrelevant in our loves, just like lots of stuff from our childhood and teenage years that seemed to mean the world, no longer means shit to us.
That is why i have decided to stop stressing about something that might or might not be in 20-30 years and i see my life now as TODAY is the time i can take tren. When time comes when i cant…well i wont be able, but i sure wanna know that i at least did cuz i wanted. Kind of like when hot girls dress like crap i sometimes wanna remind them that the time to wear smth slutty is now, because in 30 years you wont be able and never be able again to do it.

You have my respect, sir.
Your thinking is the right way, in my opinion. The time to do what you love is NOW. Tommorrow might be the day when you cant, so for you not to regret not doing smth, its better to do it now.

As far as recovery goes… have you tought of GH? At your age, adding low dose GH might actually be what you are looking for.
I dont think deca or tren is smth good for recovery as such. If your goal is not to build size, those 2 can be put aside. I would probably experiment with GH, upping the test…and maybe study a bit about EQ as some people report “feeling good” on it. Maybe a mix of test and eq, with like 1-2ius of GH a day might be better than deca.
I also dont think 100mgs of deca would be noticable, but hey… i really dont know so if you are up for trying, i would love to hear about your experience.

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Just be careful with your logic. I hope you don’t accelerate what might be 30 years to what might be in 1 or 5 years. You are now entering a period of your life where the body may be less resilient than in your 20s.

I see by your eagerness and the wonder and hope which your eyes express, my friend, that you expect to be informed of the secret with which I am acquainted; that cannot be; listen patiently until the end of my story, and you will easily perceive why I am reserved upon that subject. I will not lead you on, unguarded and ardent as I then was, to your destruction and infallible misery. Learn from me, if not by my precepts, at least by my example, how dangerous is the acquirement of knowledge and how much happier that man is who believes his native town to be the world, than he who aspires to become greater than his nature will allow.

There may be some things much worse than death. One way to find out.

IMO, the OP is looking at this as his last great push. I surely understand the temptation. Hopefully he is asking himself if the benefit is worth the risk.

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So once you add Nandrolone you are no longer on TRT. It has no place in TRT/HRT so just wanted to get that out of the way for the newbies.

As a PED low dose Nandrolone can be effective. You don’t want to lower your Testosterone when taking it. Its side effect profile is mild outside of the ED issues, but you still shouldn’t take it more than a few months a year if you want to be cautious with your health.


Russia spent last 20 years threatening to invade and destroy the country i live in. Which is like 1/100 of Ukraine. For a weird reason they started bombing a different country. Much larger, much harder target. Now living with thousands of refugees what i think of is how those 1-5 years you mentioned might not even end up that long and not because of steroid use. I guess the joke is on the tens of thousands of young guys killed by now that steroids didn’t do it… Basically what im saying is, is that whatever numbers you give and years predict, the chances are the same as me getting nuked any time in that same period of time.
When 3 months of genocide is happening a few hour drive away from your place, you see things like “1-5 years” as a crazy fucking luxury. Everything you say makes sense if there is a reason to believe you might live that long and not get shot or bombed. Honestly, by the way shit is going on in the world, food prices went up twice as high now, we are out of natural gas(and we have a freezing winter for like 9 months of the year) , and all this crap, all the “left ventricular hypertrophy” sounds silly man. The time to live is today. We will think about tommorrow if it ever comes.

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I agree with you to an extent, but I think you are miscalculating odds of events happening.

Humans in general are very poor at this sort of odds of occurrence thing. Many people in the US are afraid of terrorist attacks taking them out, but think them dying of complications of obesity won’t happen to them for example. The latter is 1000s of times more likely to occur.

I am not doubting real danger from Russians where you are. I am not trying to down play that. Just that even in Ukraine, I doubt more than 1/100 men will end up dying from this event. Using high dosages of gear for decades has a greater than 50% chance of causing sever complications down the road.

But does it? Does it really?
@tareload will spam statistics but i care only for real people, and all the athletes from the 70s in here are still competing… our 3 greatest bodybuilders are over the age of 50. Two of em close to 70. All our strongmen are pretty old. The oldest one actually won the real WSM and is still doing fine. Our Olympic lifter who won gold, years ago is now in politics and healthy.

Lets put it this way… If there was no internet for someone to spam you articles and you would have to go by what you actually know and have seen…would you think that it is so bad as 50% have severe complications? By severe i mean ruined lives, not a 60 year old having a heart problem(cuz at that age more men who have never touched a roid have these problems, than men who have used steroids).

I understand your idea, im just skeptycal about the %…
Id say that its a 50% chance to speed up something you would have anyways… And maybe like 10% chance that you will end up with something completely WTF for no other reason than steroids, and then it will fuck you up good. Everyone now panics about a few youtubers dropping dead of heart problems but i just looked up the data -
Incidence of heart attack per 100,000 people :
Age Number

So basically after 40, the chance you can drop dead is FIVE TIMES HIGHER anyways. Some of those people take steroids.
This is like my countries Covid statistics… we had new deaths every day. Age 80-96… I think like 80% of deaths came from geriatric wards.
So it was not covid - it was old people with chronic diseases who died and HAPPENED to also have covid.

I must be missing something. Maybe I need higher dose AAS use to properly comprehend and communicate in here. Oh that’s right this isn’t even Pharma section, it’s TRT section. I do notice a distinct difference in my thinking, acuity, etc since going off AAS. It wasn’t that bad even when on. But definitely up a notch now.

Good luck my man. Take care and I wish you well.

EDIT: I’m really handicapped on my “spamming” now that I am on “probation” where each one of my posts has to be approved before it posts. I’m also limited in links and can only post 1 media item per post. I believe this is the “new user” category. Right now only about 1 in 3 of my posts gets approved so that’s 2 of 3 posts that get deleted and never seen again.

So rest easy @hankthetank89 my “spamming” capabilities are greatly limited now. Having each one of your posts be approved before you post really puts a damper on things :slight_smile: . I also appreciate your feedback that my information and POV is not valuable to you and annoying. I think your thoughts on this are indicative of a good fraction of the current members.


Why have I not thought about this lol

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Ever notice ranchers are on average big dudes. Coincidence, I think not. It’s the Tren pellets. I can’t explain the average body fat levels of that demographic though.

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