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Deadlift Form Check

Follow that link to my video… So that’s just 315, and as you can see I have a very slight bend in my lower back that I cannot seem to get rid of and idk why… Idk if it’s a weak muscle group, a flexibility issue, or just the build of my body(the fulcrum). I’m 6’2 and I know taller people should have the advantage in deadlifts.

Either way any advice is welcomed.

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Hard to tell from the side. My first reaction was that you need to put your feet closer together but by the time you broke the ground I saw that they WERE closer together, you just have really long legs and they kind of “bowed” at the start of your movement. I’m a shorter lifter so maybe a taller member can help you there.

In any case try sitting back more on your heels to start and keeping your head and chest UP throughout the lift. You start kind of parallel to the ground which just means you have to travel further to lock the bar out.

Do you have any videos from the front?

I’m tall and prefer the squat stance deadlift. It allows me to better align my spine IMO. Conventionals were putting a lot of extra stress on my lower back since the angle of your torso is nearly parallel to the ground (strong possibility my form just sucked). With the squat stance my torso is never more than 45 degrees forward and I don’t have issues with my lower back bending like I used to.

Just throwing that out there as another option. Joel Seedman wrote a great article on Tnation that breaks down exactly how to do it.

No maybe next time I do deads I’ll take one. But all the videos I’ve watched on the mechanics of a deadlift say that your torso should almost be parallel with the ground(almost) with maybe a 15 degree bend in the knees, rather than having your hips low. Because if your hips are low it’s more of a squat and then I definitely don’t clear my knees.

I was always taught head up, chest up… The king himself says its all comfort though in this video. I’d listen to him over me.

Right, a lot of people are taught that. I’ve learned to keep a neutral head position through research to keep the spine in line. Like a good rule of thumb being to pick a spot 5 feet in front of you and stare it down. I think my issue may be to pull my hips through more sooner because you can see the gap in my hips and the bar 3/4 of the way up.

I think your issues begin well before that. Start with the bar closer to your shins - this will probably mean having to lower your hips somewhat to get your shoulders in position (you probably should do this anyway as the bar seems to be under the bottom of your chest rather than under thr bottom of your armpits in the starting position- could be thr camera angle contributing)

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Whoever said your back should be parallel to the ground is a fucktart.

Your hips are too high.

Knees are too far back… from your hips being too high.

Bar can be a bit closer to your shins.

Please post video or videos of this… Are you saying that there are people whom are telling others to preform a deadlift starting with a intentional 90 degree back angle?!?

None of these , its is improper lifting form

It depends on the limb lengths of the lifter and also on the style of conventional deadlift–grip width, stance width, flexibility etc. Your hips should ALWAYS be higher than your knees, but some people like myself pull very hips high (torso almost parallel to the ground) and other people pull hips low, which I have also done. “Hips low” is a relative term.

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Go on YouTube and search proper deadlift mechanics. I said almost parallel, I think it kind of just depends on height and comfort.

Thanks for all the input, I will definitely tweak some things and see what I can do.

I watched this video, and I went to the gym the next day and made a 30 lb pr. Thank you supertraining gym. And Ed Coan!

Just wondering … How would you best describe your pulling leverages ? Myself I have short femur, long torso and t rex arms … makes for grand old time when it comes to pulling.

I’d say I have longer limbs than torso. I also do pull hips a little lower as well, it just depends on how I feel. I pulled my first 500 and 600 pretty high hips. My backside is my strongest point, quads not as much.

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Tried keeping the bar closer to my body. Looks a little better? But this is also lighter weight…

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