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Darth Vader Q

Attention Star Wars Geeks (and I mean that in a nice way), do we know why Ani ends up in the black suit? Isn’t the suit some sort of life support system? He was wounded at the end of AOTC, but he got a replacement part or something. Anyone know the story there?

Obi-Wan & Anikin fight on the edge of some volcano , Anakin falls in, & Palpatine arrives just in time to save him. That’s what people on the forums on theforce.net have been saying.

What Drax said is correct I think. We see hints of Anakin’s “dark side” throughout episode 2 (arrogance, slaying of the sand people in hatred, etc). Thus far, he’s managed to “pull back from the brink.” Im guessing ep 3 will show the completion of the clone wars, the Jedi purges, etc, and at some point in there Anakin goes bad (my GUESS is something happens to Padime and it pushes him over the edge), Obi-Wan fights him, he falls in, etc.

Ep III will begin production late 2003 - and it probably won’t hit theaters until 2005 - so I guess we’ll have to wait awhile before we find out.

Padme has to die in EpIII, so it would be cool if Anakin kills her. It would also be cool if it was like Saving Private Ryan, with the Jedi killings & all.

I have on good authority (a friend that has read every Star Wars book written) that Obi-Wan and anakin get into a fight, and anakin is damaged. Here’s the important part: other Dark Jedis could have healed themselves, but Anakin does not. He is never able to summon up enough hate and evil power to heal himself completely. That’s why he has to use the life support suit.

Good point – we do know that Anakin turns back to good in the end. Which implies he never was FULLY evil.

Ok… as long as we have the attention of the ‘geeks’ grin

What is Amidala's name? Padime or Amidala? Or is that a first and last name? I'm all confused....

Obi-wan and Anakin have a duel on a volcanic planet, which Obi tries to avoid. But as the duel progresses Ani falls into molten rock and Obi goes for help. Paply shows up and rescues Ani and takes him to train in the Dark side. Obi returns and finds Ani’s lightsaber but no Ani and assumes he is dead! That is where he gets the lightsaber to give to Luke in ANH. Ani doesn’t (can’t) heal himself as reported and must don the Black Suit.

I don’t think Ani kills Padme, I have heard a lot of spoilers about the plot and that isn’t one of them!

Also Padme Amidala = first and last name.

Any other questions, I am a hardcore SW geek!

In faith - Matt

Her name is Padme Amidala, just like Anakin Skywalker & Han Solo.

I heard the volcano story even before the the phantom menace. I’m not sure if it came from a book (I’ve read a lot of them) but even if it did lucas isn’t following the books that much. Example would be that love is forbidden in episode 2 by jedi, but jedi get married in the books. I think lucas will come up with something else for anakin becoming vader. I could be wrong but I remember reading a “script” someone came up with many years before phantom menace that had the volcano scene in it, so it’s a pretty old rumor.

I’ve heard that there is some kind of love triangle between Obi Wan, Padme and Anakin. (Maybe an Othello/Desdemona thing?) If Anakin starts to lose it, Padme might turn to Obi Wan for comfort, causing Anakin to jump to conclusions (perhaps with the help of an Iago-type character.)

I’ve also read that there will be a scene added to the end of Episode 6 on the DVD with Padme appearing in it, so she might not die, just go into hiding. (Maybe a Guinevere thing?)

Has anybody heard anything about Han Solo’s background? I heard once that he was a Imperial fighter pilot at one time, but got thrown out. Supposedly his pants with the black stripe are the bottom half of the pilot’s uniform. Is this true?

Yeah, I got pissed off by that “love is forbidden” thing, considering Luke has a love interest in one of the books (a female jedi). Perhaps that rule gets dropped once the jedi go into hiding, and aren’t as formalized.

I’ve heard that supposedly Han was in the Imperial force… but wouldn’t he have been a bit more ‘discreet’ in SW? When luke is looking for Leia he totally blew the conversation with ‘central command’

Hansolo was a swoop racer. :slight_smile:

The complete history of EVERY character in star wars is at www.starwars.com.

Han Solo was a swoop racer and was actually in a race with the bounty hunter Dengar (the one in ESB with all the bandages!) Dengar crashed and lost and became a bounty hunter because he could no longer race! Solo also attented the Imperial academy an was one of the best up and coming Tie pilots, he was dismissed for insubornination and striking an officer! The pants he wears are form his home planet of Corellia. They have the red Corellian blood stripe on the side. Some mistake this for Imp pant because another Corellian, Baron Soontir Fel led the Imperial’s elite Tie Interceptor wing called the 181st and he adopted the bloodstripe as part of their uniform! Any other questions?
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Yes, Han Solo was an Imperial Officer. The volcano fight story regarding the suit has been around since before Return of the Jedi. It’s hard to say much because Lucas appears to disregard the EU(expanded universe) as it suits him even though the products are licensed.

This is from starwars.com. There is much rumor, speculation, and all-out falsehoods in records of Solo’s past. He is the subject of several exploitative holofilms, false documentaries, and at least two bogus autobiographies. According to one account, Han Solo was abandoned by his parents who were rogue travelers and was raised by Wookiees from age seven to twelve.

In truth, Han spent most of his childhood in the service of Garris Shrike, the leader of a trading clan that used abandoned street urchins as beggars and petty thieves. Solo grew up on Shrike’s ship, the Trader’s Luck, often returning to Corellia for stopovers. Solo was mostly raised by a kindly female Wookiee named Dewlanna, who taught Han compassion as well as the Wookiee language.

Solo longed to learn more about his parents, but Shrike kept all information from him. The only tie to his family Han found was an unscrupulous cousin named Thrackan Sal-Solo, a cruel bully that Solo wanted little to do with.

Solo earned his keep for Shrike in a variety of unsavory jobs in his youth. He once joined a pirate group operated by cutthroats Lemo and Sanda. Solo made a name for himself racing dangerous repulsorlift swoops professionally and on the independent circuit. In these days, Solo made a blood enemy out of a young Corellian swoop jockey named Dengar.

At 19, Solo ran away from Shrike’s group of brigands and began working for the Hutts. At the Hutt spice processing center on the paradise world of Ylesia, Solo fell in love with an enslaved worker named Bria Tharen. Solo rescued Tharen, and destroyed much of the Ylesian operation. The fact that Solo was using an alias at the time – Vyyk Drago – spared him the ire of the enraged Hutts.

Solo eventually joined the Imperial Academy, to better himself and his piloting skills. Solo’s mentor during his Academy days was Badure, or “Trooper” as he was known. During a training drill, Han performed a daring landing maneuver with an aged U-33 transport that earned him the nickname “Slick.” Sometime during his military career Han Solo earned the right to wear the Corellian Bloodstripe.

Despite promising skills, Solo was drummed out of the service when he defied orders and rescued a Wookiee slave, Chewbacca. Solo freed Chewbacca from his captors, and from that day on Chewbacca served as Han’s protector and friend.

His military career in shambles, Solo returned to the fringe, joining a smuggling gang run by Roa. It was here that Solo had his first Kessel Run. He traveled with such notorious fringers as Shug Ninx, Mako Spince, Salla Zend, Katya M’Buele, Silver Fyre, Rik Duel and Lando Calrissian.

After winning the Millennium Falcon from Calrissian, Solo and Chewie worked in the Corporate Sector for some time, for crime-bosses like Big Bunji and Ploovo Two-For-One. It was on these assignments that Han often tangled with the Corporate Sector Authority. Han was responsible for destroying the secret Authority prison installation, Star’s End, as well as helping expose a slave trade ring that extended to some very prominent Authority execs. Han then joined Badure on an ill-fated search for the lost treasure of Xim the Despot. During this search, Han sustained a knife injury that resulted in the signature scar on his chin.

After a falling out with many of his fellow smugglers, Solo was left stuck on Tatooine with a hefty debt and hunters on his tail. It was then that he took on the charter to Alderaan that resulted in him being inextricably tangled with the Rebellion.

After the Death Star crisis, Han and Chewbacca left the Rebel base at Yavin to pay off his debt to Jabba the Hutt. En route to Tatooine, the Millennium Falcon was waylaid by a pirate force commanded by Crimson Jack. The pirate robbed Solo of his reward money, leaving the two spacers destitute. The pair returned to the Rebel fold, having few options left. During the Alliance’s evacuation of the Yavin Base, Solo and Chewbacca helped the Alliance obtain a power gem from the space pirate Raskar. This power gem was instrumental in getting past the Imperial blockade of Yavin.

Solo had some trouble adjusting to life after the Battle of Endor. He nonetheless aided the fledgling Alliance of Free Planets by visiting worlds, petitioning them for membership in the Galactic Congress, an important meeting that would determine the future of galactic government. As the New Republic emerged, Solo continued to be an important contact in the smuggler community, even though many had thought he had gone “respectable” and was no longer one of them.

Solo finally found time to openly express his love for Princess Leia. When Prince Isolder of Hapes appeared on Coruscant, proposing marriage to Leia to better both their governments, Solo sprang into action in typically reckless style. He eloped – some would say absconded – with Leia to the planet Dathomir, a world he won in an amazing game of sabacc. Proving his love for her, Han and Leia were wed shortly thereafter, and the couple started a family that has since grown to three children, all powerful in the Force: the twins Jaina and Jacen and the younger Anakin.

For a man born without one, family has become a growing concern for Solo. Many times his children have been threatened by enemies seeking to threaten him or Leia, or those looking to kidnap the Force-strong youngsters. Time and again, Solo and his allies have managed to defeat these threats, but each time, the pain of losing a loved one became all too real. Now that his children have grown capable of defending themselves, Solo for a time thought his family was safe. He couldn’t have been more wrong.

During the initial Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, many lives were lost to the depredations of these sinister aliens. Using bizarre organic gravity w ell projectors called dovin basals, the Yuuzhan Vong dragged the moon orbiting Sernpidal down to its surface. While Han and Chewbacca helped evacuate the populace, Solo was forced to leave his oldest friend behind. Chewbacca died when the moon collided with the planet, and Solo held his son, Anakin, who was piloting the Falcon at the time, responsible.

With the shock of losing Chewbacca hanging over his head, Solo spiraled into depression and alcoholism. He returned to his fringer ways, leaving his family life behind. He eventually discovered that he could not run away from his loss, or from his loved ones. He is slowly making amends with his family, but with the galaxy tearing itself apart due to this new alien menace, it is all the more difficult.

The volcano story actually originated in the novelisation of Star Wars: Episode 4 A New Hope. Or just Star Wars. Ben was explaining to Luke how Darth Vader killed his father!

In faith, Matt