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Cutting Down on Volume w/ Minimal Strength/Mass Loss?

Hi guys, long story short. I am doing way too much volume and starting not to recover fast enough from workouts.

How do i transition to a lower volume without losing too much strength and mass?

I am not doing stronglifts but i had this problem in the past and it is perfect for illustration, say i am doing stronglifts 5x5 and i want to do starting strength 3x5.

If i just basically do 2 sets less, i imagine especially my mass will suffer for the decreased over all volume?

Come on man, SS is sticking at it until you stall 3 times (the smart people move on after the first stall). Get it done, it’s like 3 months for most people.

Are you drunk or something?

Just do a program like texas method or 5/3/1 that have deload days/week -help you actually bounce back fresher

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I am not asking about a program, i would like to understand what i could do to maintain strength/ mass if/ because i have to drop a lot of volume.

The program has less to do with it than your application. Otherwise, we would have all moved to the same program by now.

This is all aspects of your life. For example, if you ask a question like a numbnuts you are likely to get frustrated with the results.


Dude, your not going to lose 2 inches off your arms just because you drop 8 Bicep exercises for 2.

You may lose some size and swelling due to glycogen stores but it should be minimal.

Also your not giving much info so don’t be shitty if the advice is also vague.

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So build in deload weeks or reduce volume. If you’re truly doing too much then you either won’t lose mass or you will at least avoid an injury. Either way you benefit because you’ll certainly lose mass after an injury. The question you have to ask yourself though is are you really doing too much.

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Oh sweet Jesus… why?

Not if you take the opportunity with two less sets and up your intensity