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Critique My Routine?

Hi Coach Carter.
I borrowed many of your principles and followed much of what you do. I was thinking to run doggrapp but i am not still andvanced enough. I am still an intermediate lifter and I was planning ongoing something like this. All sets are to concentric failure

A. Bench press/Incline press 1x6-8; 1x15-20
B. Incline db press/flat db press 1x8-12+50%set
C. Dips/weighted pushup 350
Loaded chest stretch
D. Military press/Behind the neck press 1x6-8; 1x8-12
E. mountain dog side delts/rear delts swing 1x50-100
Loaded shoulder stretch
F. pjr pullover/pin press2x15-20
Loaded triceps stretch
G.Back squats/front squats 1x8-12; 1x20 reps breathing squat

A. Rack pulls/High handle trap bar 1x4-6; 1x8-12
B. Barbell row/Yates row: 1x6-8; 1x8-12
C. 350 pullups/chinups
D. Plate oh raise/trap bar shrugs:*1x100
Loaded back strerch
E. Barbell curl/Alternate db Curl: 2x15-20
F. Strict hammer Curl/Wrist Curl: 3x30
Loaded biceps stretch
G. Rdls/Leg Curl: 1x8-12; 1x15-20

Basically i train 3xweek rotating (quite like in doggcrapp) A1, B1, A2, B2

I did not put much leg work cause i noticed that they grow better (at least for me) from minimal work.
If i stall for 3 times on a given exercises i swap that for something else

Why don’t you follow one of the many programs Paul has on here?

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if your doing A1 B1 A2 B2 have you thought about the 2 way dC split?



i like it cuz if you want to bring up hams, do a deadlift variant on your back thickness. and if you have a lagging tricep or shoulders you can lightly tag them on leg day instead of biceps.

I have not big experience in programming. Other than the 2 way split, you think is this setup reasonable? To me it seems it is

Way too many different movements if you’re not advanced.

Incline db press
Overhead Press
Proper Lat Work (lat pulls or pulldowns)
Chest Supported Row

Split those up over 2 days.