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Crime to Exercise Free Speech on a Public Sidewalk!


Sharia law does not belong in the US - it has no place here and should be fought in every instance!!


more of the same . . .


Sorry, but they were in the wrong. As much as I detest the actions of those who try to spread Sharia to new countries that take them in, these guys were clearly out to instigate.


I would be really curious to see what City of Dearborn ordinance or State of Michigan code prevents them from distributing information on a public street.


Instigate or illuminate? I think you have confused the former with the later.


I would also say that the Christians displayed remarkable calm and restraint while being accosted while acting within their constitutional rights.


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Instigate. Should I stand outside a Sunday service and hand out copies of The God Delusion? Could you possibly see how that might be instigating?


Aye, the first video showed clearly that they were outside the event on a public sidewalk - there is supposed to be the presumption of free speech on a public sidewalk. Now, the city might have an ordinance against handing out literature on the public sidewalk, but I find this highly unlikely. Secondly, the police aid they could go five blocks away and hand out literature on that public sidewalk - so apparently, no city ordinance against the distribution of literature on a public sidewalk - the 5 block thing, I'd be curious to see that statute and if it does exist was it created specifically for this event?

The second video? These guys had done absolutely nothing! but video tape their interaction. They were not protesting, handing out literature or preaching. They were simply interacting with the booth personnel. definite violation of their free speech and civil rights.

In answer to Mak, yes, and you would have the right to stand out there and do it all day long - as long as you were on public property and I would personally stand there and defend your right to hand out your literature.


People do that. They don't get assaulted, they get ignored.


Or, they get their questioned answered, usually with kindness and grace.


If the people handing out the booklets were getting assaulted by the Muslims, then we might have an issue. But they weren't. They weren't even assaulted by the cops.




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I agree with mak. Instigation. But only in the sense that because Muslims are such violent, close minded, repressive people that anything that hinted infidel would have provoked a violent response. And I think the creators wanted to prove that in their video. Well done. I like the Muslim religion even less now , if thats even possible.





I can't watch this at work - could someome please summarise real quick what happens in the videos?

As an ex-muslim, this is particularly interesting.


Ditto. I've said it before on here but our PC-ness is what let's this happen. And that PC-ness will be the Achilles heel of this country.



There is a Muslim festival (one of the largest in north America from what I understand), a couple of former Muslims and some white guy are standing outside of the festival on a public sidewalk handing out free copies of the Gospel of John in english and arabic and are stopped by the police within a matter of minutes, detained and prevented from handing out free literature on a public sidewalk within 5 blocks of the festival. It is quite obvious that it is the content of what they are handing out that causes the problem as I am certain that if they were handing out free ice cream coupons there would not have been an issue. So because they are handing out Christian literature outside of a Muslim festival (open to the public, i might add) their civil rights and freedom of speech are being violated.