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Coronavirus - What Happened?

Holy shit… I just brought one of these for six bucks… why is it so expensive?

Currently have 6 people in my household with Covid. Wife and I have been feeling crappy for about a week (achy, cough, fever, headache) but definitely improving. The 19-year-old had a couple of bad days but bounced back. 11-year-olds and 9-year-old ran a fever for a couple of hours, were a little run down for a day, and then were perfectly fine. I know people who had prior versions and I know we are lucky. I couldn’t deal with six of us being really sick at the same time.

*knew, right?

Fauci apparently blaming Rand for threats against 'da Fauci:

Fun fact -Fauci a while ago accused Jesse Watters of Fox news, of making threats against him because Watters talked about “ambushing” Fauci and using the term “killer shot” when talking about how to question Fauci. Fauci demanded Watters be fired for these egregious remarks, i.e. Fauci tried to cancel Watters.

Yesterday, Watters got a big promotion to permanent host of the 7 pm Fox primetime hour LOLLL.

Poor Fauci, all these people threatening his life w/o consequence…

I will just drop this here

Fauci is a lier. Needs to be in a jail for crimes against humanity.


I think that’s obvious to anybody outside the cult at this point. Rand Paul reduced him to a puddle of goo. If Paul’s goal was to get Fauci to come unhinged, he succeeded. There is a lesson here. If you are a bureaucrat hell bent on driving your own narrative, damn the consequences, you cannot have such a thin skin. Fauci could have chose to act like an adult and not squabble. Just answer direct questions and take insults with a ‘you’re entitled to your own opinion’ attitude. But instead he became furious and it was hilarious to watch.
There is “The science” frothing at the mouth, unable to take criticism.

I think the narrative is finally starting to fail. Good! Enough of this shit. Life is a risk. You can choose to live with risk, or live in fear of death and never really live. Be free! Enough is enough.


Yeah, like I said. Enough is enough. All this horseshit about covid has driven people insane, it’s got to stop.
I say, if you are afraid. Stay home and hide. The rest of us, go out and live our best lives and defy the orders of elected officials who rule by decree and unelected officials who just want us all to hide in a corner and never come out.

I’m turning into a conspiracy theorist, furthered immensedly this week by a jurist (“Supreme” Court justice SoSomayor) supposedly at the top of the pyramid, a modern day Solomon, spouting outright falsehood(s). Meanwhile, the Far Right continues to brainwash me with nonsensical emails that are mostly redacted…I’m sure for national security reasons LOL. Somebody from The Left please help my weak malleable brain.

Do you notice how they edited the title and did not provide a quote, lol. The quote I believe is immune system.