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Coronavirus - What Happened?

Could this be the result of an experiment gone wrong? The outbreak started in Wuhan, same place where they have this laboratory:
(article from 2017)

A laboratory in Wuhan is on the cusp of being cleared to work with the world’s most dangerous pathogens.

Seems like an odd coincidence.

No. You seem to love conspiracy theories.

In a country with 1.4 billion people and tons of land, there is plenty of opportunity for viruses to develop.

You also have no idea what kind of security it takes to study pathogens of that level. This isn’t a zombie apocalypse movie. You have a lab of that level in Canada and multiple labs of that level IN US, Europe, etc.


Was thinking the same thing.

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Conspiracy theory: corona virus is biological warfare by the US to mess with China.

Just because you ain’t paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you.


Reverse Occam’s Razor. The simplest answer is NEVER correct.


Not really, but it just seems like a huge coincidence.

Most of this conspiracy stuff online is bullshit and disinformation, but like a broken clock they are still right now and then. Like the thing with Epstein and his ties to Trump, online conspiracy theorists were talking about that before the last election and the media never mentioned it until recently.

I’m skeptical of anything I read or hear.

Yeah, plus the fact that people there eat all sort of animals that most people wouldn’t even touch.

That’s why if anything it would have to be some sort of major error. I’m not trying to say it was intentional, that would be pretty stupid because everyone is at risk including all the government officials and scientists. There are people trying to claim stuff like that, with zero evidence of course. I’m just looking at what we do know, which is that there is a lab in Wuhan that studies pathogens such as this one.

Can you prove that this ISN’T a mutant superflu concocted by rogue scientists funded by The Vatican?

I didn’t think so.


And the lizard people. Can’t forget them.


Ok. In that vein, this is probably not something the virology lab had on it’s radar to study. Level 4 biosafety labs primarily study things like Ebola, Lassa, plague, etc.

All viruses there must be on file with the government (their version of the CDC, and likely other security arms). It’s the same everywhere else as well.

So the only way that happens is if their government knows it’s there. It’s not likely, even given the history the Chinese govt has of covering up the degree of virus outbreaks in the past (see SARS and Bird Flu). That’s mostly to save face, and they’ve taken plenty of heat on it.

Duh, he’d obviously work The Jooos into that before the pope.

All that said, having seen what passes for quality control in China, I could totally see a bug escaping. No great conspiracy, but just basic disregard for safe practices.


You really have no idea what’s going on, the Vatican is run by Jewish reptilians who secretly turn babies into virus-laden matzo balls. Have you been under a rock?

That’s what I’m saying.

Yeah, but supposing that they did fuck up and release a less damaging virus by mistake then do you think they would admit to having it on file or maybe have developed it themselves for whatever reason?

It’s possible that the US or some other country could have intentionally caused this and conveniently chosen Wuhan due to the lab there. In this case, despite @Jewbacca 's objections, I totally doubt that Israel would have anything to do with it since they are good friends with the Chinese and are in the process of setting up some major trade between the two countries last I heard. Jewish conspiracies are popular, but if based on the information available you think The Jews did this then you are insane.

You guys ever hear about all the fake food in and coming out of China? A couple years ago they were selling plastic rice all over the place, I think I bought some here that was mixed with plastic rice. There are fake eggs, fake meat, pork disguised as beef, all kinds of crazy shit. Not to mention the scandal when a bunch of babies got kidney failure and died due to counterfeit baby formula with melamine added to it. Nothing against Chinese people in general, but the government and some businessmen are into some real dirty stuff so I wouldn’t put anything past them.

Already in Germany and Bucharest. Also, one of the infected folks that flew into Thailand came from Chongqing. That city flies direct to Heathrow.

As to the thread title? I’d say the southern Chinese penchant for eating every grotesque piece of bushmeat they encounter may have had something to do with it.


heard they prefer their grotesque bushmeat raw and/or undercooked as well…certainly wouldn’t help if true…

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I have worked with some Chinese people and went to cooking school with some, what they told me is that you can eat any animal whose back faces the sky. In other words, anything except a human. It doesn’t mean that everything is good to eat, apparently seagull meat is one of the worst things and people would only eat it if they are starving or lost at sea, but they have no taboos about any meat for sure.

My mate’s long term girlfriend said that Southern Chinese are particularly bad in this regard. I have no idea tbh. I would say that eating mice and bats isn’t what I’d call conducive to a healthy life.

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God help us. :nauseated_face:

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It’s gross for sure, but if it’s not making you sick or causing any health issues you can’t really say it’s not healthy. I think I would rather starve though.

See this video: