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Clockin' A Grip

So If I were looking at something like this.

8 weeks - base building
3 weeks - speed strength
3 weeks - Strength phase
4 weeks - peak

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Yeah, something like that. 8 weeks of higher reps, 6 weeks of your Russian 6 x 2 thing, then a few weeks to get ready for a meet.

Here’s and old thread from an IPF deadlift champ. In the first few posts he lays out his ideas on periodization.

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10-6 Traps/Biceps

Get loose

Seated DB Shrug, Semi Supinated Grip(Hip Huggers?)
15 x 15
17.5 x 15
20 x 15

Chest Supported T Bar, Overhand Grip
45 x 10
60 x 10
70 x 10
80 x 10

Pulldowns to Forehead, Neutral Grip
80 x 12
100 x 12
120 x 12

Spider Curl Action with Band
x 25/30/35
Kettlebell Wrist Extension
15 x 25/25/25
Three pairs

Alternating DB Curl
17.5 x 15
20 x 15 x 2 sets

Another light one. The back has been holding up well and maybe Friday is leg day.

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10-8 Legs

Get loose

Standing Leg Curl
x 4 bottom half + 4 top half x 2 sets

Leg Extension
x 8 half rep + full rep x 2 sets

x 8 x 2 sets

Adductor Raise
x 8, hold at top x 2 sets

Hip Airplane
x 8 x 2 sets

Step Down
x 8 x 2 sets

Sumo Functional Isometric
Pin 4 x 45/65/85 x 4 partials with hold then finish last rep
Pin 3 x 45/65/85 x 4 partials with hold then finish last rep

Tibialus Raise Against Wall x 10/12/15
1 Leg Standing Calf Raise x 10/12/15
3 pairs

Hams were cramping during leg curls, adductors cramping during leg adductor raises. It felt like they hadn’t contracted in years. Stimulation!

Deadlift Functional Isos felt great! Thanks Bill March!

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but that was a good one. I felt better walking out than walking in which is great after an “injury.”

I stopped at the grocery store for a Build Your Own 6 Pack and spied New York Strip on sale for $5.99/ pound. Miraculously I had enough cash for some beer and 5 pounds of steak.


10-11 Shoulders/Triceps

Get loose

Rear Delts on Reverse Pec Deck
x 15 x 3 sets

Cuban Press with DBs x 12
Lau Raises x 10
2 pairs

Landmine Press
x 10 x 2 sets after a few working up

Band Tomahawk
x 25+ x 3 sets

Kaz Press in Smith Machine, 3 count eccentric
x 10 x 2 sets after a few working up

Overhead Tricep Extensions
x 25+ x 3 sets

OK I guess. I really wanted to press overhead in the smith machine, only it was taken so I jumped on the landmine. I didn’t get the tension I wanted. Oh well, maybe next time.

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10-13 Lats/Biceps

Get loose.

Band Pullover Laying on Bench
1 band x 20
2 bands x 15 x 2 sets

1 Arm Pulldown, Neutral Grip
55 x 12
80 x 12 x 2 sets
70 x 12

Kettlebell Row
25 x 11
35x 11
30 x 11 x 2 sets

Reg Curl with Kettlebell
15 x 15
20 x 15 x 2 sets

Wrist Roller x 2 backwards/2 forwards x (35/40/40/40)
Incline Curls with Chains x (17/22/22/17)
4 pairs

Holy Shit! Best workout in a month at least. Laying band pullovers were cool. I was using those cheap ass tubes with handles at the ends vs a loop like a jumpstretch band, so I could bring may arms out and down like an arcing motion. Good contraction!

Incline Curls with Chains were good too. The gains deloaded at the bottom so the stretched position didn’t tear my biceps off. And that shit was noisy like Clank Clank! Kid Rock was blaring on the stereo, it was pretty Bad Ass.

Maybe I won’t quit lifting weights forever This week.


10-15 Chest/Triceps

Get loose

Pec Deck, slumped for decline action
3 x 15

Converging Incline Machine
3 x 12

Decline Smith Machine Bench Press, 3 count eccentric
3 x 10

Band Tomahawk
4 x 25

PJR Pullover with DB
x 20/15/10

Long Rope Cable Tricep Pushdowns
3 x 25

Stopped again on the way home for beer and this time they had a big smoker out front so I grabbed some beef brisket. I love Fridays at the grocery store now.


I have found the Flats log

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I understand this.

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great work Flats keep it going

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You showed up just in time, things are about to get Good!

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Thanks man! Just laying that foundation.

Knees Over Toes Guy showing an easy way to get some wrist action to treat prevent wrist and elbow pain. Dude pointed right to the boney spot on the top/outside of where everyone get pain.

In the last few weeks we’ve talked elbows and biceps and it seems like the way that the two forearm bones slide and move around each-other is more important than I realized.

I tried the pronation (or knuckles up overhand) move and just like dude said, I couldn’t get down to parallel and I felt some tension in my wrist and elbow. Maybe this will be something fun to mess with.

How’s the back doing?

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My back is way better. My right leg is still trying to be a little lazy, but I can mostly bend over and lean forward and cross my legs and all the normal stuff.

If I stay on my feet too long or try to do too much I’ll get a little stiffness in my low back or maybe a brief nerve kinda pain in front of my hip. No spasms, no pain when I cough and I can sleep pretty comfortably so I’m right on track.

This coming Wednesday will make 5 weeks of recovery, and I’m thinking about starting up with some sled dragging after 6 weeks. If that goes well for a few weeks some Eccentric Nordic Curls to get my hams and ass back under me.


Oh man… I remember when my SI had problems. A small misstep and it felt like someone stabbed you

Glad your back is improving!

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Yeah, that stuff is no fun! Are SI issues common in volleyball with all that jumping and landing and falling all over the place?

Have you ever messed with one of those SI rehab belts that go around your hip bones?

Thanks for checking up on me!

I know this wasn’t directed at me, but… I used one when for a bit when I had some issues related to my SI joint. The pressure from keeping it tight felt good and helped relieve some pain. Honestly, though I didn’t use the belt for long—my joint moved back into place pretty quickly, PT exercises help strengthen the surrounding areas, and any lingering pain over the long run was actually from a bruised sciatic nerve more than the actual joint.


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What’s up Sven, thanks for the interesting info!

How long did the bruised sciatic take to heal? I’ve not heard much specifically about injuries to nerves before.

Did you find any of your SI rehab exercises extra effective or useful? I’m always looking for new moves.

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Yeah, it was a weird thing. Felt the right SI joint pop during high rep squats, no pain, kept working. Still no pain, so I decided to go ahead and hip thrust. Severe pain—that was the nerve getting squashed—but I’m dumb, so I just kept working. That’s when the real injury occurred.

As I recall, it took about 3 months for the nerve pain to subside such that daily movements—getting in and out of bed, or a chair, etc.—didn’t require conscious bracing for the pain, and maybe 6 months or for it to dissipate entirely.

The rehab exercises were pretty basic but—begin dumb—I didn’t seek PT help until about 2 months after the initial incident. If I had, that timeline might have improved significantly. I tried the belt during that I-can-manage-just-fine-on-my-own-thank-you-very-much period of time, and as I say, it did help relieve some pain.

Regarding PT, two of the most effective exercises were squeezing a soccer ball between my knees and pushing outward against a belt around my knees. The other exercises were things like bird dogs, cat/cow, single-leg glute bridges, frog pumps, and some banded core rotation movements (don’t remember what they were called, however; maybe Pallof press variations?). I did those daily for a period of about two months while under the care of the PT.

Anyway, the exercises probably aren’t new to you, but they worked alright for me!

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