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Clockin' A Grip

9-13 Upper


Internal/External rotation, low trap raise x 3

Scap Pushup with side arm band, band tomahawks, band chest press x 3

Incline DB Press with Fat Gripz
65 x 4

Decline Pushups
Easy decline x 12
Decline I’ve been using x 12 x 2 sets

JM Press (45) x 10
Tate Press (15) x 20
4 times

Wrist Roll (50) x backwards and forwards x 2
Hammer Curl (20) x 14
3 times

High Band Facepull x 30
Band Pushdown x 30
DB Incline Shrug x 30
DB Incline Row x 30

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9-15 Lower


Band Ham Curl, Hip Abduction, Hip Internal Rotation

Standing Hip Flexion, Step Down, Hinge with Butt Against Wall

Goblet Squat
60 x 7

I got a little sloppy and slipped into some spinal flexion at the bottom of the first or second set of squatting. Butt wink tweaked something or bulged something and set off a cramp that went from mildly uncomfortable to locking me up over like 5 minutes. I was able to get my last set in but I had to skip the assistance and hobble out of there.

This shit is whack.

I’ve been doing a bunch of goblet/kb squats with my heels elevated. This really lets me get down there. Last month I did feet flat and I swear I could feel my bones knocking into each-other in my ankles and hips. Today I consciously thought about focusing on not going so deep. I guess I just wasn’t focused enough.

I guess it’s time to accept the fact that I gotta stay Above Parallel flat footed. I don’t have the hips to get down there, so my back has to do weird shit to pick up the slack. Even KB Squats and Belt Squats to parallel jack me up.

Box Squats above parallel (a bumper plate on top of the box) are OK. Heels Elevated, deep, Tom Platts style knees forward, quad focused squats are OK. I just gotta avoid the middle ground.

Would weightlifting shoes elevate your heels enough to be pain free? I absolutely cannot squat flat footed, and although not a complete cure, weightlifting shoes help me a lot