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Cardio - How Much to Lose Fat

I have heard several opinions regarding fat loss while not losing muscle. right now I have about 10.5% body fat and want to drop down to 8% without losing any muscle if possible so what does everyone think is a better plan.

I train 2 times a day. morning and night
I eat before I go to the gym in the morning a full meal
300 gram of oatmeal
160 grams of blueberries
3 hard boiled eggs one without the yoke
I usuall train a small body part in the morning like tri’s or bi, calfs then run for 20 min’s i do this 5 times per week.

Someone suggested I just do 45 min of cardio in the morning and do all the wieght training at night ?

any suggests on what is the best plan ?

You can get down to 8% body fat without any conventional cardio. You can do it with 45 min of cardio in the morning.

The best plan is planning on getting to your goals.

pre-breakfast cardio is a good way to lose bf, keep it low intensity like 40 mins brisk walk on treadmill. I think its shelby who has a good article on this.

100 gram carb cure is another decent way to reduce bf.

Both have proven track records in reducing bf so if you have a check through the articles for these I’m sure you will be sorted.

Your pre-workout meal before you hit the gym in the morning is pretty big, definitely have a look at the peri-workout articles on here thats whats helped me the most.

good luck bro.

A few minutes of fasted cardio in the morning isn’t nearly as bad as it sounds (I used to be cardio-phobic).

But taking a nice walk outside in the morning is actually pretty nice.

[quote]Ghost22 wrote:
A few minutes of fasted cardio in the morning isn’t nearly as bad as it sounds (I used to be cardio-phobic).

But taking a nice walk outside in the morning is actually pretty nice. [/quote]

Agree. The last time I got myself under 10% was done purely with 20-30 mins pre breakfast cardio. The spin bike or a walk were the only two ways I personally did it.

I found it wakes you up very well for the day ahead.

Morning cardio is definitely the way to go. Spinners are a great option, or preferably, running outside is optimal. It’ll get you outside, assuming the workplace is indoors, and running will change your body quickly and efficiently. Please be advised as to not start off too quick, go for distances not for times.

Getting outside and just going for a walk is very much my thing, then again i am lucky to live just 2 minutes walk from woodland that has a nice set of hills and trails. My other main trick is to leave the car at home as much as possible and walk everywhere–like to work and back but there agin i do only live a half hours walk from the hospital.

I dont mean to hijack the post in anyway but do you guys recommend any supps when you’re cutting? I’m naturally ectomrphic and have been trying to bulk up recently - been fairly successful (20lbs in the last 6 months) however its come with the down side that i’ve put on a bit of unwanted flab around the midsection. Do you think there’s any benefit in supps when cutting or can i do it just as effectively naturally? thanks

It’s always good to add something as you stall

i just like coffee and creatine.

Good thread and good advice guys. I think I am going to get the wife up each morning and do 2 miles each day.

Like many before have recommended, I would also recommend performing cardio pre-breakfast. And then eating a high protein breakfast to start the day off right and allow your body to recover from the current workout and your previous days workout (your body needs nutrients after all sleeping all night).

However, I believe the BEST way to shred body fat is to try intermittent fasting. It really works and can really kick start your body into a fat burning machine. If you have not tried it before, give it a try. You will be amazed. Check out a great article by Brad Pilon on the “7 Ways Fasting Can Rev Up Your Fat Burning Furnace.”