Bulgarian Split Squats - for leg development

Thoughts on doing split squats exculsivly for leg development. Not looking to get massive legs, just proportionate legs. Im focusing on getting a strong bench, and was wondering if Bulgarian Split Squats is just as taxing as regular back squats. Also, does it hit the vmo, i’ve heard so much conflicting information.
Thanks lads

My opinion, they are great for truly blasting the quads, also working glutes and hams. With correct form little to no stress on lower back. Also isolating each leg for balance of proportion and core strength.


define ‘taxing’.

Going to true muscular failure is very difficult with bulgarian split squats, because of the balance issue. You can’t load these heavy the way you can with other squat variations. I think they’re a great exercise, but I can’t imagine relying on these exclusively for leg development, unless you’re just looking for very mediocre results. I don’t know what you mean by just proportionate legs, as everyone defines this concept differently.

But regardless, I think you’ll be better off pairing these with at least one bilateral leg exercise.

Why not do both?

Do heavy back squats, and then do your split squats. John Meadows has a video where he uses the rack for balance and holds a dumbbell in the other hand.


B split squats are one of my favorite leg exercises, especially when you make it a drop set by using dumbbells and dropping them when you reach failure then continuing to rep out with just body weight. But I do believe some sort of bi lateral squat is needed in your leg routine to fully develope great legs.

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