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Belts: 3 Inch or 4 Inch

[quote]Jlabs wrote:
For squats and deads you guys would recommend the 3 inch crossfit belt? Is this belt 10 mm or 13 as you guys were discussing? I can head down the street and get this belt. I think the spud belt would get ruined the quickest, there doesn’t seem to be much to the fastening area does it have a prong at all?

Get that belt that is the prime cut from best belts you wont regret it.

I have all that shit, plus some, and I squat a little more than 315. However, I know where you saw that and it goes along with his schtick. I got no problems with that, he has influenced my training a good bit.

I have no complaints with my 10mm lever. I don’t have to adjust it but maybe once per year depending on where I am holding my weight. I don’t have experience with a 13.

To the OP, I have had that same issue wearing a belt while pulling. I could not get in a good starting position and hold my air. I did not get a 3" belt, I just pulled beltless. To this day my best pull is without a belt. Recently, during one of my training session I had an A-HA moment and it kind of clicked for me where and how to seat the belt. I am still training beltless but will throw the belt on as I get closer to a meet.

Got some bands yesterday, those are a great investment it feels great for benching I get a more stimulating feeling in my pecs. Yeah I’m gonna grab that belt I just wanted an opinion, thanks. Only use it for lifts near or over maxes if it allows you to lift more without hurting yourself why not

So I know this is a comical 7-year bump, but anyways…

For years I have deadlifted with my belt worn very high (above my belly button, just below pecs). After repeated back tweaks in the last 2 years (I’m thinking that I have a herniated disc - symptoms are very consistent with how I feel) I feel like I’ve stumbled onto an ah-ha moment - this week I have worn my belt below the rib cage, and my back feels SO much more braced and locked it off the floor when I do so.

I stumbled on an article from Rippetoe back in 2014 (on this website) where he advocates for a thinner 3-inch belt for deadlifts rather than 4 inch. Anyone else have significant experience pulling with a 3-inch belt? It’s not a significant financial hardship for me, thankfully, but I don’t want to drop the cash on something that’s totally useless and would love to hear opinions from people that have actually tried pulling with the thinner belt. Did you still get good support? Were you able to get into a better start position? Less painful digging or pinching?

I own a 13mm Inzer lever belt. I own it. I used it a dozen times or less. I have never, in over 20 years of lifting, gotten a damn thing out of any belt. Ever. Groove briefs? Sure thing. Squat suit? Yep. Even used one on backwards for a deadlift. Knee wraps? Never really got anything out of them either. Build your own belt, so to speak. I also, at 47, have zero back problems and my knees are golden too.

Still a work in progress but my 3 inch wide, 6.5mm thick wide belt seems to be working better for deads than my 4inch/10mm belt. It’s as u describe less obstructive overall. Maybe a bit less support but I was deadlifting beltless mostly because the 4 inch was detrimental to my deadlift.