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Bagsy's Training Log

In New Zealand cats are the apex predator

It seems the trend nowadays is to encourage cats to like spending lots of time outdoors. For example, my previous roommate and her partner got a special backpack to take their kitten to the park. They told me they wanted to eventually take the cat hiking with them…

I was always around dogs as a child. Then for a few months after college I was a dog walker – so much walking. I love doing outdoor activities with dogs, and I also feel like my personality is like that of a cat’s, so a dog would better balance me out. I don’t think I’ll have a dog for a long time though. :pensive:

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If I may ask, when you don’t specify the metric of your weight are speaking in lbs or kgs? And are your pullup reps unbroken sets? Regardless, your log is impressive to read.

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Everything is in lbs unless indicated as kg.

I usually do so many reps unweighted that I only report the final total. 4-7 reps per set most of the time.

Thank you for reading and for the words!



3x3 jumps

190x15 PR?

SA KB Press 12kgx4x8

Belt squat +50x11 +45x12 +40x15

SA BB Row +50x20,15

I had to rush this morning. I think that was a PR but regardless was pleased with the bar speed. I haven’t done PR sets for my lifts (besides bench but who cares about that) in so long that I forgot how awesome it feels to turn on the perfect song and go all out on one set.


Brutal, nicely done.

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6 hill sprints
1 mile cooldown 8:00

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70 pullups


4x25 band pull aparts

Standing ab wheel progression 3x7
Kneeling ab wheel 1x25

Dips 13,10,7,10

I’m not sure if I PR’ed on bench today… pretty sure my best with 95 is 7 or 8 reps. 9 would have been for sure, and I went for it. Had to dump the bar unfortunately. Still decent considering I’m barely benching. Pullups finally felt better today; I managed some sets of 7-8 reps earlier on.


When you hit a PR on the set and then have to dump it in the same set…congratulations?

Is that considered an annoying PR?


At the track:

10 jumps

3 split 400m “event runs” – Run 200m, rest 30ish seconds, run 200m. These were really all over the place: 1:10, 1:26, 1:19 (not counting the rest time, of course). Also super hot outside again :unamused:

I don’t know exactly when I’m going to test my 400m, but I do know it would be awesome to break 1:20, which might be a lofty goal.



50 pushups

Front squat
110x13 (PR maybe probably??)

SSB BSS 70x3x10+ (16)

BB Curl 45x20, 35x21

Yesterday was a stressful day, and I feel like I should have pushed the PR set a little harder. Oh well. My next 2-2.5ish weeks will be very busy, so I will probably end up combining some days soon.


It’s like I’m looking in a mirror.

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How do you do 13 reps of front squat and not pass out !!

Caught up on your log, finally. A great discussion a few days ago re: mysogyny, bias, and the interpretation of communication by the receiver; and some incredible FS PRs.
Great job!
Are you eating a lot?

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Ah. Every woman’s favorite question. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Lol I recognized the irony of asking that question in light of the reference to misogyny and poor communication. But I trust she understands I mean it in a purely technical and performance sense :slight_smile:


Haha, I know, I just thought it was timely to the relevant conversation and couldn’t resist.


By front squatting baby weights and, well, holding on for dear life!

Thanks for reading!

Interesting question. I don’t really know, probably not because… mid-July I ended a sorta harsh caloric deficit at 119 pounds. There was a big spike after that to 123. Currently I hover around 126-127. so, a good amount is probably water weight? I don’t know, but I lean toward yes because I usually feel heavier at this weight than I do right now. :woman_shrugging:

Haha, to be fair, I think a lot of average men would not like that question either! I’m not offended at all. I know you’re joking, but I objectively don’t think I look all that different from months prior, so there’s no reason for me to interpret the question in that way anyway.


Hey since you’re back on - had some questions for you
(Edited to remove since you’ve seen it)

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