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Bagsy's Training Log

New here but long-time lurker. 23 year old woman, graduate student, washed up athlete.

I’ve been training for a couple years now but have never consistently maintained a log. I played soccer at a decently high level growing up but gave it up to focus more on academics in college, where I touched a barbell for the first time. 5/3/1 resonates with me the most for its focus on not only strength but also athleticism as a whole. Appreciate Jim’s philosophy on training.

Currently 5’3.5 (yes, the 0.5 matters)/128ish.

My best recent lifts are
140x5 squat
110x1 bench
210x5 deadlift
75x1 press
8 pullups
12 dips

I also do a lot of conditioning (Assault bike or hill sprints). I need to work a lot more on strength than conditioning though, as evidenced by the above numbers.


I’m nearing the end of my 2nd cycle of 5/3/1 BBB Beefcake. I’m currently gaining weight even though I don’t really like it. I hit major PRs in today’s workout.

165x5x10 SS 50 pushups

100 band pull aparts

100 cal assault bike


Congrats on the PRs!

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50 pullups before benching
3x10 BSS holding 2 25# plates in between a couple sets of bench
50 reps core (supersetting ab wheel and dragon flags)

Stoked about the bench PR!!

That’s a lot of pullups, very impressive for a girl!

It’s a PR party in here!

Strong session, keep it going!!!

Also a washed up athlete. Got into lifting to keep up with the kids. I haven’t let age stop me from playing though (but damn corona did. lol). You still actively play?

In for this log

Minus the neg :blush:

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That’s not a neg. Most guys can’t even do a pullup. It’s even lower for women who are usually more lower body dominant

You can’t be that washed-up… you haven’t had time yet!

Great lifts


To me it reads as detracting to add “for a girl”. Diminutive. Without that subordinate clause it expresses the same sentiment (to me) but I guess from your reply we disagree on that.


I guess I was clumsy. If anything it’s even more impressing to me. Anyway sorry if I was inappropriate

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I wasn’t trying to be crude or crass with you, just nudge, after all I’m not OP so I’m not on the perceiving end but I do spend an inordinate amount of time picking sentences apart to see if it enhances the intended communication. I know you weren’t actively attempting to put anyone down.



  1. You aren’t weak, clearly evidenced by

100000000000000% I’m 5 ft 0 and every time I get measured, I hope I get an extra .1- never happens though :sweat_smile:

  1. Congrats on the PRs!!! You’ll be deadlifting 300+ in no time!

I used to be with @aldebaran on this one, but the behavioural science literature suggests @Voxel probably has it right

@ChickenLittle @bigpappafrance Thanks for the words!

@whang The pandemic has put a damper on organized sport to say the least. I actually got back into occasionally playing futsal this past winter, but COVID also ended that early…

@TrainForPain Haha, I figured someone would say this. When do I have permission to call myself “washed up?”

@aldebaran @Voxel Hey, no worries. I know the message did not have negative intentions. Thanks!

@anna_5588 Being short is the worst. I hope I could deadlift 300 in my lifetime – I gain strength at a snail’s pace. Your numbers are a lot better than mine, especially on the squat. Hope you can access a barbell and plates again soon.


Got in one more hard conditioning session before I take it easy for the deload this week. I’m (un)fortunate enough to have this hill not too far from my apartment. Did 5 sprints this morning. Felt extra unpleasant due to a heat warning.

I might do BtM next to try bringing up my squat and press. I did this program a couple years ago, and it helped, even when I probably didn’t eat enough to get the most out of it. My squat has been “stuck” for a long time.

This really sucks. I had been stuck at 80kg for almost two years. Finally started making progress… then COVID…

good idea. Although, if you’re trying to be powerlifting specific, maybe consider giving Sheiko programming a try- worked for me? If not, 5/3/1 variations seem to get lots of love from a lot of very very strong individuals here

My best ever was 160x1, but that was several years ago. I don’t even feel confident I could squat 150x1 now. COVID interrupted me for about a month, but I was fortunate enough to buy home gym stuff in time. Dunno if you’re in the USA, but it especially sucks because it seems like the situation is only worsening here.

I’m actually not super interested in powerlifting though. When I first started lifting (though sort of improperly e.g. went a whole year without deloading) I did GZCL. Then stuck with 5/3/1 stuff with the exception of trying out Brian Alsruhe’s programming for several months. So I’m more interested in general strength.


As someone stuck in Florida, yep…
My garage is too small to fit equipment, my parents won’t let me go to the gym that’s only 2miles walking distance (can’t drive)

Me too! That’s what got me to 80kg in the first place

I’m currently borrowing his programming style… it sucks, but is fun (I have a conditioning addiction of sorts :sweat_smile:)

I need to borrow your attitude big time :sweat_smile: