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Anyone On Here Doing Once Weekly Shots?

Just wondering if anyone is still going once/week with their shots.

I may go back this route from more frequent shots.

When i was on 300mg test every other week, i would occasionally feel libido and more sensitivity. My guess was the higher spike in T caused a greater spike in FT.

I may go back to once a week shots and see if that spike in Test helps.

Not many people do well on once a week shots. For many they create too large of a peak and at the end of the week too large of a trough.

Occasionally? If you had a half-descent protocol you’d feel libido and sensitivity regularly.
You could go ahead and try 150mg once a week for 8 weeks and see how you feel afterwards. If too many fluctuations trough the week after that protocol I’d split the dose to twice a week for another 8 weeks.

About 85% of my patients do once weekly injections, dose usually from 165-200, a few at 140, some up to 240. A few with creams. Those are atyplcal however. These guys do fine. I routinely discuss various dosing protocols and options, but once a week with those doses keeps them very happy.

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Weird thing is that even on 300mg/every other week, and 100mg/week, i never feel fluctuations. nothing. It’s like i could be injecting water.

I did try dbossa’s daily protocol with 30mg shots, but that made my estrogen skyrocket and other issues.

I have read some people just don’t feel TRT too much. Just wondering if maybe i tried an actual supra dose of say, 300mg/week i’d feel something??! And yes, all test is legit from pharmacy.

Just thinking out loud. It sort of makes sense with once a week you may need to inject more so you get high enough so you don’t go too low feeling symptoms on days 5-7.

All i can say is that will all my protocols tried, 300mg every other week sometimes gave me a libido. And more frequent protocols seem to give me nothing. SO, perhaps i play around with weekly dosing. LIke 125mg-150mg once a week. Maybe i just need that higher peak to feel something.

I have a smoking hot gf… and she just got her boobs done. She’s a 10. I look at her and think “my god… just is just ridiculously hot”. But my body just doesn’t seem to want to get laid. It’s sad. I get by (barely) with generic PDE5s, but at some point, i’d like to feel normal.

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MMMMM… boob jobs. My favorite. Dating a girl now G’s. Boooiiinnnggggg

Yeah, it’s crazy. She can’t even get into a sports bra. They’re like E’s. Very fun. And God damn do they look nice in tshirts.

It should be government mandated.

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Dude you need to be trying 300mg/week yesterday. Do you have a provider that will let you try it?

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Yeah, can’t let that go to waste.

Response is an individual thing. Most are similar, but go with whatever works. I think I would be fine on every other week injections. I skipped a couple injections just as an experiment. By the end of the second week, I could tell I skipped a dose, but didn’t feel terrible. By the end of the third week, however, experiment over.

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I have a TON of test stockpiled, as my dr allows me 150mg/week to do as i please, but i generally only use about 100mg.

I’ve never tried a legit cycle, but am contemplating it just to see if i actually feel something.

Yea, same here. I never felt bad towards the end of the second week like people complain about.

I may just run 125mg weekly (or maybe even 150mg) and see if that causes a good spike in FT.


I take 200mg a week, I’m in my 60s, it keeps me ready to go anytime my wife is. Fortunately for me, she’s on BHRT too! And, also a 10!

Thanks. I haven’t had a sex drive since my early 20s. It’s caused all sorts of issues. I’m 41 now.

I’ve almost gotten to the point where i am going to pack it in in regards to relationships because it’s such a secret. I feel like i’m just bullshitting my partner half the time. Thank God for pde5s.

500mg had me feigning for sex every second of the day. The first month or so my libido dropped a little bit after that I was a fucking horn dog. That’s after going quite a while with reduced libido stemming from previous antidepressant use. Even after using 500mg my libido was always higher than before and I didn’t touch Testosterone for another 10 years (until I got on TRT).

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I also had a high libido before and after trt. It’s in my blood. Just ask my 71 yo horny dad.

And I started a beta blocker too which affects my erection at times but not my libido. I do take daily Cialis and can perform basically anytime.

It also seems like that within 12 hours of my injection my erections are not great. But I am not changing frequency because of this. I have increased to 120 split in 2. I intend to make my way up to 140. Let’s see what happens.

If you haven’t had any type of libido in 20 years. Who knows maybe some type of spinal or brain trauma.

Oh yeah?! Sounds like we need to have a Dad sex-off to see who really is the horniest. Winner gets to plow the other’s mom for 24 straight hours. May the best Dad win.


Weekly is way better. 300mg per 2 weeks sounds like a bad idea, why would anyone do that, but thats what TRT clinics do I guess? That doesn’t make any sense stability wise I don’t get why some doctors do it this way.

Better once a week or 5 days, even better twice a week.

Lol bro dailies will keep your estrogen at the lowest constant. Everyone just feels shitty when doing dailies the first month or two; then it’s literally the smoothest protocol. Sad to see you’ve been indoctrinated with the estrogen fake news.

Also, you need to give this stuff 8-12 weeks, anything less doesn’t matter.

125-150mg?? Needs to be the exact same dose, not eyeballing it yeah looks about right hmm maybe I’ll treat my self today bs.