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Any Teachers In Here?


Thought I'd make an Unoffical Official Teachers thread for any educators in here.

I just have to vent. One of my sophomores today comes to me and tells me she is pregnant after class. Fuckin 15 years old. Her boyfriend is some dumbass that was in my U.S. History class last year and never did a damn thing. Failed the course and dropped out of school. The WORST part of all this is she is actually one of my best students. 98% in the class, excellent writer, good thinker, and SEEMINGLY intelligent. Its just unbelievable.

She has 30 seconds of "pleasure" with some dumbshit for 30 years of heartache and headache. When she told me, initially I reacted a little personally (because I do care for my students) and I told her that this was 2008 and not 1948 and that contraceptives and condoms, etc were FREE and readily available...and that basically, "what the hell were you thinking...etc."

Anyway I calmed down and basically wished her the best and told her to think three steps ahead from now on. There really wasnt much more I could say (without losing my job). Its just a sad sad situation. Her parents are a little dissapointed but in her family/culture this is normal so its not that big of a deal. Taking care of a family is far more important than a high school diploma. I just hope she doesnt go down the shitter with her boyfriend.

Anyway, Im done. Any other teachers in here with similar stories or any stories at all?


I could never be a teacher.


i'll be a teacher in two years...have three more quarters of my bachelor's degree and three quarters (in all probability) of credential work.

when i was student teaching at a middle school when i was at indiana university, one of the kids in the seventh-grade class was a known drug abuser. the teacher would make jokes and during the drug unit, ask if he could tell the class about anything. it seemed kind of inappropriate and sad.

that story is really sad in a different way. it's too bad for the girl and the guy, they have a long, tough road ahead of them. hopefully it turns out all right.


how could you not contemplate the consequences?

whoops, i mean...never.


My main man HH is a teacher. He can give you the low down once he finds this thread.


I teach kids guitar. does that count?


He'd probably just buy her a vibrator.


haha nice.


I was kind of considering doing some substitute teaching. How does one go about teaching part-time and such? I'm not particularly interested in getting a Masters in Education at the moment.


Well, I've seen a lot of bright kids waste their potential. I've seen kids fall in with the wrong crowd and go off the rails. I've seen it all.

And as for Southern Gypsy's picture...I've had three girls, high school seniors, show up on my doorstep on a Friday afternoon, all wearing matching fishnet stockings. I had to stammer out an excuse and close the door in a cold sweat!


If they are 18 year old seniors whats the problem? ;}


HH is a homo.


Well I am/used to be an English language teacher. But no stories I'm afraid...I taught Japanese kids and apart from their mad obsessions with deranged manga, bodily fluids - all of them - and their strange penchant for subjecting their favorite teachers to the wedgie, they were all pretty much good as gold.

But yes, being wedgied in a school corridor by a horde of beaming Japanese 8 year olds was always rather unnverving...


I'm not a teacher, but my wife is (handles grades 1-3, depending on the year). It's very disheartening to hear about all the messed up shit that some of these kids get into or have thrust upon them. IMHO much of this comes from the 'parental' environment. At my wife's old school they had a saying "If you plant potatoes, you get potatoes".

Just before she changed schools a few years ago, they had a student there whose Mom got knocked up with her the summer b/t Gr.8 and Gr. 9 (that's the key move here in Canada...elementary school to grade 8, then high school is grades 9-12), then her daughter - the current student - gets knocked up in grade 8. Many of the teachers had taught both of them...


contact the district...depending on what level, you don't even need a degree, depending on where you live.


It was like a porn movie, well up to the part where I closed the door and went and had a cold shower.


Should have went commando, that would suprise them.


I am adjunct faculty at a couple local colleges and my wife is a high school teacher.


There's hope.

One of my good friends was born to a 16 year old high-school dropout who liked to smoke weed and complain that the world had it all against her.

Growing up, my friend spent as much time as she could at school. Going home would mean having to take care of her mom, who lived off of unemployment and social security, and every once in a while, would get a job for six to eight weeks.

Long story short, she garduated high school, and is currently putting herself through college, studying Arabic.