Any Input Re Flywheel Training?

I have been offered to buy a used flywheel training device, as a possible addition to my home gym. Online reviews of this type of equipment seem generally positive. That said, even if the price is 50% lower than new, it’s still an expensive piece of equipment. No further information re this on Tnation unfortunately.

Anyone having tried/used flywheel trainers? Pros/cons? Opinions? It does seem to check my boxes as an alternative to both HIT and accessory training for powerlifting.

Checkout garage gym reviews. Cooper did a review on them.


Physiologically, they’re basically the same as a regular cable machine. The eccentric overload component from flywheel training can be useful though. I like flywheels for belt squats and bicep curls mostly

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Adding @Ellington_Darden for insight as we’re talking eccentric training. Dr Darden: Have you tried, or heard about flywheel training? I’m certain a strict, regular HIT rep tempo is possible, but not longer negatives. I will try out a swedish brand in the near future. More info to come.

Just to be clear, the “eccentric overload” in flywheel training only comes at the moment of reversal from eccentric to concentric. In addition, it is proportional to how hard you accelerate the flywheel during the concentric phase

As such, flywheel train doesn’t lend itself well to tempo (especially concentric tempo) training