Amateur Classic Physique Competition Log

I am going to compete in now amateur classic physique

I’m currently on bulk on 126mg TRT

I feel like my angels want a physique update

I miss my angels

I’m trying to fix the energy for everyone, Can we all be cool?

I hope we can all be cool

Sometimes angels fight each other through misunderstandings or circumstance

I like compliments, encouragement and motivation

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You joined 7 hours ago and want random strangers to compliment you? I don’t know enough about posing to comment. I can tell you that this forum isn’t terribly about fake compliments.


I get compliments from strangers in person who have spent less time under tension looking at me

No idea what you are talking about here with the angels?? When is the show you want to compete in?
What i can tell you is that you in both vids you need to have your pants off so we can see how you display your legs. In the first vid you don’t settle into the poses. You hit them and immediately start moving around. You need to hit and hold them.
Second vid your you settle in a lot more but your leg positioning is not good on either side chest. Your arm positioning is not symmetrical on your front double. Your ab and thigh is ok on top but i can tell by your leg position that it’s not gonna look good.
Look up some posing tutorials on youtube. You def need a fair bit of work.


Consider that I was an NPC National Judge and you had just finished the contest and you asked for me to rate your posing, but only want compliments: I would tell you, “You have a nice vacuum pose.”

Don’t the competitors wear posing briefs. I have no idea if you have a clue how to pose your legs.

In this post I refuse to give you any instructive criticism. I will viciously comply with your request. (But that is what you need most.)



If you want true advice ask @RT_Nomad for honest feedback and pose with your legs too. But ask for honesty. I was gonna tag you RT but as soon as I saw the pants all seriousness went out the window.


The cruelest thing I could do is to tell you that your posing is very good and you should have no trouble against any competitor that you might face. The last thing you need are “cheerleader” friends.


The coach who was teaching me posing was saying the same thing.
My posing was much better when I wasn’t on bulk

I have to wait 24 hours before making another post

@RT_Nomad Awww thanks man, I love vacuuming. I really appreciate your expert feedback. I don’t mind constructive advice but I don’t like to hear “unconstructive” negative comments.
in this gym they don’t like it when I take my top off, most of the personal trainers turn blind eyes and let me do it but there’s this one PT who will tell me to put my top back on, but he’s cool, we get along, the other day he was putting heavy dumbbells in order for no reason, he doesn’t have to do that and I respect him and the lighting in the changing rooms is bad. I think if I showed my legs they would freak out.

I like that classic look, I like frank zane’ legs.

What do you think, are the other guys bigger than me?

What’s your height and weight? You appear to have long arms so they need to be especially big to stand out. Bis and Tris both need serious size. Delts have good shape but could also be bigger.

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IMO, you really need a little tougher skin if you plan on getting on stage in front of who knows how many people and you being nearly naked.


You can learn how to pose your legs at home. Your thighs show much more detail when not pumped.

I always trained my legs in shorts. And not these fashionable long shorts. But the styles have changed a lot since I competed.

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He was here a while back under a different name but things got a little sideways.

He’s alright though.

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I’ll take your word for it, but the approach seemed odd. I think true feedback from a pro like RT would be far more valuable.

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I am going to give you my thoughts on posing and bodybuilding contests.

First and foremost is that comparative posing this the most important part of posing in the competition. On all the call out comparisons you need those poses to present you in the best you can be.

The very least importance is your “posing routine.” Most competitors have no idea how little the judges consider your posing routine in their rating. I did a few contests where competitors only did their posing routines at the night show. You need to know that the judging of the weight classes is finished at the end of pre-judging. Your posing routine is “entertainment” for the night show. (In most every contest I judged or competed, the judges seem more interested talking among themselves than judging your routine.)

But… in a posedown (Night Show), your fluidity from one pose to another “might” get factored in the judges ranking, but only if they are looking for a reason to break a tie in their eyes.

Work many hours on the compulsory poses. You will need to excel at those for the “callouts.” Those are all that matter. You will win or lose based on the compulsories.

You must know that your legs are the first muscles you flex on every pose, unless you are trying to have the judges focus on your leg development, then they would be last. You must concentrate to keep them flexed through the entirety of the pose, i.e., Front Double Biceps: First you flex your legs, then flare your lats, keeping your abs tight, and then hit those biceps.

On the quarter turns comparisons, keep your legs flexed, especially on front “relaxed” pose. This first round has much influence when “callouts” are done in the compulsory comparisons.

On “callouts” the head judge usually leaves all the competitors of the class they are judging on stage. You need to stay fairly flexed the time that you are waiting and hoping to be called out next (and most preferably with the best ones on stage). Legs too.


Thanks for the expert advice, I’ll spend more time on front double, abdominal and thighs, side chest and rear double biceps.
I will keep you updated




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A quick start assessing: Never do a front double biceps with your elbows lower than your shoulders.
The back double biceps is a slight exception, in that you might want to pinch down on your back, to show back development, but the finished pose with your elbows at least as high as your shoulders (not much above parallel.)

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