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Almost Got Jumped


n the locker room getting ready to hit legs. Some wannabe thug starts going through my locker.

"What the fuck are you doing?"
Dude turned around and looked like he almost shit himself.

2 other lil thugs run up and get in my face. I start getting static from all three of the dudes.

"C'mon big dude come outside."
I got that feeling I get when I am about to lose it. They all looked 18-19 and Im 20 with about 60-80 pounds on them. All I could think about was losing my sweet gym membership for breaking the guy's face. I was mature about it for one time in my life. I walked away.

I probably wouldve caught a charge.

Three dudes wouldve been impossible anyways.

After it all, I had a good workout.



Anyways, on the bright side it happened at the gym and I'm sure if you report them that their identity will soon be known.


I've almost lost it at the gym a couple times because of some 'thugs' thinking they're hot shit. In the end, it's not worth it, unfortunately. And yes, it's typically some guy who weighs 30-40 pounds less than you that you just want to snap like a twig.


They were going through your stuff and you didn't kick their fuckin' teeth in?

I woulda lost my shit.

But you're probably right, they're the same quality of doucher that might press charges.

Still, going through your stuff isn't cool.


you would think that, but only if they really know how to fight.

if you knock down the leader, you can come out all right.

but you did the smart thing


man i hope so cuz my inner caveman is really pissed off


Typical. Weaklings running in a pack to make up for their impotence. Dont let it bother you. Just move on.


From my experience and seeing thugs try to brawl everyone at parties is that "thugs" are the ones who can't fight by themselves and are the first to bring out a knife, a gun, etc.

You did the right thing by walking away.


Lesson: lock your locker.


Doesn't the f'n legal system piss you off. You should have been able (legally) to stomp the F*** right out of those bitches AND press charges. That just sucks. It would have been nice if you could have jammed your thumbs into his eye sockets and ripped one of his eyes out of his skull so for the rest of his life he remembered that he never should have been trying to steal shit.



you should have slammed his face into the lockers. without letting him know it was coming of course. how does he know who you are?


I have witnessed, with my own eyes, one man single handedly beat the living shit out of 3 guys at one time. Needless to say after seeing that I was glad Dan was MY friend.

But granted, it's usually better to walk away from such situations.


Yeah, and that only leaves two to fight!!



If anyone was going through my locker,looking in my jacket,and personal shit,I'd of totally castrated their asses.
You might of lost your gym membership,but then again,you could of beat their asses,then hit your head into the wall,then say you were jumped(it is the truth) and it was all done in self defense.Then if the gym still took your membership,you could sue them.

You make us meat heads look bad.


Exactly. Easpecially considering they were skinny little shits. And don't tell me you were thinking about your gym membership in a situation like that. I wouldn't have even uttered a word, just smashed that fucker. The other two would come out and see their accomplice with his shit completely ruined, what would they have done? Nothing but pussy out.

But you saved them the trouble and pussied out yourself. Great going.


Well, the problem with doing that shit, is if you ever meet said thugs again or they find out where you live there can be some bullshit to put up with. I really don't know what I would've done. The truth is though if you punch one guy in the throat or smash his head with a hard right, the other guys will be stunned most likely and the truth is you probably could've muscled 2 of those guys. I've been at parties where in the summer people wrestle around and shit, I've tossed around 3 or 4 guys at a time that I only had 20 lbs on each. The key is to not think about throwing them around and just doing it, being explosive etc, believe me if you deadlift 500lbs for a max pretty quickly chances are you can rip a 180 guy off the ground without a problem. It's amazing how much explosiveness can mash people into walls.

I really don't know what I would've done though. I prolly would've grabbed the bitch and dragged him to mngt.


Although there's more to this story, I'll only comment on what you said...

Good job man. Now, let it go.

You didn't get anything stolen, you didn't get hurt, and you didn't get arrested. All is well, my friend. Move on.

As for everybody else screaming "you should've smashed his face in", don't listen to that shit. This is the internet, after all. I would have agreed with them a couple years ago. But maturity knows how to pick its battles.


I love how these threads always turn into what all of the internet badasses who read the story would have done.

"Fuck, if that was me, bro, I'd have smashed the first guys' fuckin' teeth in and then shoved one of the other guys heads up the third guys ass! Hardcore!"

Nine out of ten people here would have done the same exact thing as the OP. Your going to call him a pussy because he didn't take them on? Funny how tough everyone is on a message board. Three guys are three guys, I don't give a shit how big or small they are.


I was in the middle of a lift and I ran up on one of the dudes in the free weights area - he was alone.

His apology and the look on his face were redeeming.


You have a right to self-defense, but in many states you don't have the right to defend your property with violence.

You probably would've gotten off, though.