Alex_uk: I've got more, time to give more

DH w10 day 2 bench 3s


Sandbag over bar (52 inch was my aim, but no tape so guesstimate): 75kg X 3 X 10 sets emom

First set I added Burpees off the bag but my lungs were burning in a “your not well” kind of way, so I dropped them, still struggled to finish despite that not being a huge volume of work, muscles fine, lungs not good, haven’t tested in a day or two, but frankly don’t care what the test says, listening to my body today.

Turned the giant sets down by removing abs and the heart rate elevation thing, so just super set and not all that super either:

Cable rows: 80kg X 15-20 reps (focused on movement and muscle quality not worried about how many reps today) X 6 sets
FB bench: 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110 X 3

Cable rows: 100kg X 10 X 3 sets
FB bench: 90kg X 10, 8, 8

Cut D/E

Really not feeling great and lungs in particular, delightfully I’ve got a fitness test on tomorrow c’est la vie. Also haven’t eaten my usual quantity due to feeling off, and the weight dropped off, a couple of pounds it’s irrelevant in the grand scheme but frustrating when it’s so much effort to get the scale to move upwards!


I love how being strong changes out perspective of things. A 75kg bag (165 lbs) picked up 3 times a minute and put over a 1.3M bar would put most people on their ar$e and most people we know or work with couldn’t even get it over once.


Haha yes I suppose so, I’ll try it again when fully functional and probably find it is still blooming hard!


Kilos with inches. Pounds with meters. At least keep it consistent :slight_smile:

Between the two I finally understand how impressive that is.

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Keep your freedom units to yourself :joy:

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Haha the joys of being British, we never did make the wholesale switch to metric, if you ask me my height I’ll tell you in feet and inches, if you ask me to measure the length of something you’ll get millimetres and metres, we sell fuel in litres and yet ask anyone their fuel economy and you’ll get miles per gallon, I weight myself in stone and lbs (a stone is 14 lbs, not sure how many places in the world use stone) but measure my lifts in KG.


Thanks, but a long way to go, I’ve got a sack that will take 125kg (275lb) I need to buy some more sand and at least practice with 100kg (220lb) lifting and loading.

I’ve got the freedom to use all the units!



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I can’t help but read this as trying to answer the question: “how many people can I throw over a wall in the shortest period of time?”


That’s absolutely the goal!

That’s tongue in cheek but I did start sandbags specifically because I had to “rescue” a firefighter in full gear (training exercise), relatively small guy but he went full dead weight, was way harder than I’d have liked, realised that barbell work wasn’t going to cut it, needed something more awkward and less accomodating.


The forums thrown up a couple of old kroc articles, which I duly read, keen to add in more rows

And nuts arms workouts are a definite maybe:

Also passed the fitness test without too much bother but my lungs were burning and I can still feel it 6 hours later!

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DH w10 D3 - deads singles


Chins/dips done emom for 10 mins
6/12, 6/12, 6/12, 5/8, 5/8, 5/8, 4/6, 4/6, 4/6, 4/6

57 chin ups and 84 dips in total, probably closer to accessory work than conditioning but with my current lung capacity it was enough.

KBS: 24kg X 3 X 6 sets
2 inch deficit deads: 60, 100, 120, 140, 160, 170kg
Abs which I dropped after 3rd set, back is cranky.

Gs2: as above
140kg X 0.25 - back went from cranky to downright angry, I’m all sorts of broken right now, good job there’s only 1 more DH session, think I’ll skip the testing weeks :rofl:

…at least the 170 was decent, definitely more in the tank there.


What comes next?

Great question, building the monolith is definitely on the horizon, but I need something a little less intense for a spell, it goes against every fibre in my being, because I hate it so very much, but thinking to go do some bodybuilding style training, firstly to give the joints a rest, stop chasing weight for a couple weeks/months and secondly because I hate it so very much.

Not sure I’ve ever finished a full BBing program, my compliance is awful, think it would be good to build some mental resilience to be doing things differently.

Not 100% commited yet though, then it will be a couple of cycles through basic 5/3/1, and into BtM.

Ever look at 5/3/1 for Hardgainers? Might be a good mix of all of the above.

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Thanks, just took a look, love this quote:

It takes no talent to give effort and be disciplined. It takes no talent to be consistent. It takes no talent to be better today than you were yesterday.

It looks like a solid program (never in doubt with Jim), but I’m thinking that the emphasis is still on increasing the big 4. Maybe I’ll feel different after a deload but currently my knee isn’t squatting, back is angry and elbows are threatening, my thinking is bodybuilding will be more MMC less moving weight focused and might give my joints some time to recover.


Ah, I saw it very much differently: the assistance work is prowler/sled for the lower body on your pressing days, and then lots of bodyweight/KB work, chasing reps vs weight. The big 4 lifts themselves are trained with pretty limited intensity there. But I’m not here to sell you on it: just sharing my logic.


You can go less intense without going to the diametric opposite :slight_smile:

This is cliche, but you also could just dial it back and “solidify your gains”. But from a practical sense, keep working the same movement patterns, just back off on either intensity or volume.

Yeah! Switch from the external focus of pushing and pulling stuff around to the Internal focus of training individual muscles for awhile.


It’s always appreciated. I know that if I’ve got the big 4 and pr sets, widow makers and built in weight progressions I would struggle to throttle it back, but if I change to something completely different I’m hoping I can get a good training effect whilst giving the joints a break.

See above, I do think a short period of doing something opposite will be beneficial for me, and hopefully because I hate it, I’ll at least appreciate getting back to strength focused work!