Alex_uk: I've got more, time to give more

Glad to hear it, I’ve not been excited to train for a long time, which is fine, just allows me to work on my mind and my discipline, but I’ve also started to realise what does excite me or get me fired up, is moving myself away from average, doing things that change me from the inside out to make me an all-round better human being, mentally and physically (and that’s actually the order I care about these days).

That was the reason I got after it last night, not allowing myself excuses just getting some work done!

@davemccright this is my log, at the tail end of dark horse (Brian Alsrushe program), wasn’t sure where to go after it, I was thinking maybe one of his 3 day a week programs, but since reading your log I think it’ll be a single cycle through original 5/3/1 to get a handle on my TMs and then a 6 week through BtM. The food aspect of BtM genuinely does scare me slightly


Training for the day was truncated, I was going to post because of time constraints, which is true (family down, work, baby, etc) but that abdicates responsibility, looking objectively I procrastinated the start of this and it meant I had to truncate it. Owning my crap and owing the rest of this session.

Having said that it was the hottest time of day and we’ve still got a heatwave, my blac rubber garage roof is not helping, it was so hot I’m grateful that this is getting split, had to dig deep just to get this done:

Squat jumps: 5 X 4 sets
Rdl: 60, 80, 100, 120, 140kg X 5
Ab rollout: 8 x 5 sets
Burpee wg pull-ups: 5 X 5 sets

Rdls felt light until the final set, at which point they didn’t feel heavy but moved crazy slow and felt almost stuck about 4 inches off the floor, got them done though

As above
Rdl: 112.5kg X 11, 10, 10

First set I used straps and didn’t like it, felt it more in my lats than hammies, just mixed grip for the rest.

Disgusting training, glad to have most of that session out the way.


Hot day again, trained at 5pm and the garage was still 34c/93f, even with the window and door open and the fan.

DH week 8 day 4 - OHP 3s


5 burpees
5 squats
5 push ups

Emom x 10

Was supposed to have mountain climbers X 15 and jumping jacks X 15 but I did that first round and didn’t manage to get it done in a minute, apparently my conditioning still sucks, good, stuff to improve! Also carrying a lot of fatigue, really noticeable in my hammies doing Burpees.

Chin ups: 8 x 5 sets
Football bar ohp: 30, 40, 50, 60, 65kg X 3
Hanging leg raise: 5 X 8 sets
Sandbag over shoulder: 50kg X 5 X 5 sets

As above
FB ohp: 52.5kg X 9, 8, 8

Using underhand grip was definitely a different ball game, be interesting to see how the body responds, some bi growth would be nice! Thanks for the nudge here @T3hPwnisher

Did hanging leg raises as per Brian’s instructions, full breath and brace each rep (actually reset pretty much every rep) made that a different ball game too, much harder, hopefully positive carry across on the big lifts.

Didn’t do the D/E, still owe D/E from the other day and a conditioning session so that’ll make up a nice little session for tomorrow.


Caught up tonight, wasn’t sure if it was a good idea or not, carrying a fair bit of fatigue, but that’s too be expected 8 weeks into DH. This was no more than the RX program work split out into another session.

2030 still 26c/80f, hot for England in September!

Burpee chins: 10/1/9/2/8/3
Burpee wg pull-ups: 7/4/6/5
Done in 10 mins

Endurance for chins is lagging but the goal here was conditioning so switched, got it done and with a couple more goes and a bit less fatigue I’ll have it.

Box squat: 80kg + black bands X 3 X 10 sets
Bench: 70kg + red bands X 3 X 10
Emom for 10 mins

Really wanted that to be the end of the session (in fact I really didn’t want to do the session at all, but I’ve got more to give!), but near the end my little bad idea puppy popped up and said hey you should end this with poundstones, my sensible logical brain immediately dismissed this as a bad idea because of fatigue and other such justifications, so of course it had to be done.

20kg axle X 100 first 65 unbroken.

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DH w9 day 1 squats singles

Conditioning: rowing 2.2km 10 mins

KBS: 24kg X 3 X 5 sets
Banded squat: black bands + 60, 80, 100, 120, 140 X1
Ab rollout: 8 x 4 sets
Red banded jumping jacks: 15 X 4 sets

On 140 something went wrong in my knee on the descent, kind of a crunchy teary sound/feeling (it had felt slightly off on the ab rollouts using my patella as a pivot point wasn’t feeling great - might try standing from now on), finished the rep as it all happened pretty quick, couldn’t stand up for a minute or two, pretty painful, so called it there.

30 mins later it’s feeling like I’ve dodged a bullet, it’s aching but I can weight bear, walk and bend it through a full ROM without much discomfort, can’t squat down though, but I’m hopeful that will be fine in an hour or two, weird.

Frustratingly I know 150 was there and I had in my head 160 to try, but I live to train another day.


Been living with a dicky knee for a while now, hope yours comes good mate.

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Thanks Simo, works for walking, bit tender and BW squat is still slightly wonky, spent the last 2 days at a wedding and caught up with a very close friend, found out his 16 year old nephew has cancer in his knee and has to have his leg amputated from mid thigh down, puts it into perspective.

So on to today’s grind (which was supposed to be yesterdays which mean some back to backs coming up right when I’m feeling beat up, time to suck it up):

Axle row: 48, 68, 78, 88, 98, 108kg X 5
Axle bench: 48, 68, 78, 88, 98, 108kg X 5
Purple band crunch: 10 X 6 sets
KBS: 24kg X 8 x 6 sets

Chin up: 10 X 3 sets
Axle bench: 88kg - 12, 10, 10
Lying leg raise: 8 x 3 sets
Jumping jacks: 45 secs x 3 sets

Ohp 40kg + red bands: 3 X 10 sets emom.

Back was a little stiff so switched accessories in gs2.
Will get conditioning done this evening at the station, just absolutely spent right now, so much going on in life, trying to ensure gym stuff gets done in a way which doesn’t cause too much additional stress.

On the plus side some positive comments from close friends who saw me getting changed at the wedding - the word Adonis was used, I’ll take it.


Conditioning done:

Sbos 50kg
Burpee off sandbag

Done emom:

5/5, 5/5, 5/5, 5/5, 5/5, 4/4, 3/3, 2/2, 5/5, 5/5

Working up to 50/50 in the 10 mins, getting there, quite hard particularly around the half way mark, getting down to 15 secs of rest/extreme heavy breathing!


Week 9 day 3 - deads 3s


Even/odd mins - chin ups/KBS 24kg

10 reps both movements 10 mins through.

Some jumping jacks in the early sets in between the sets to get heart rate up and reduce rest to 15 secs, didn’t need to do that past 4 mins!

KBS: 24kg X 3 X 5 sets
Deads: 60, 100, 120, 140, 160kg X 3
Bandy twisty things: black band X 10 e/s X 5 sets
Jumping jacks: 45 secs x 5 sets

Disappointing deads, everything up to 160 felt easy, 160 felt off, was hoping for more.

As above
Deads: 130kg X 9, 8, 8

D/e - squats, missed because of knee, still tender hopefully be good for Monday.

Accessories (since I didn’t do d/e): poundstones 20kg axle X 100 curls.

Had to drag myself through that, don’t feel great, the wedding we were at seems to have Covid running rampant through the guests, not tested yet…

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If not, I always ask: What would Bruce Randall do?

The answer: good mornings. He’d do good mornings.


And we could all stand to be like Bruce!

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What a legend, 403lb here I come!

Current plan is to try front squat and SSB, but if neither of those work for me, then I’ll give GMs a go, been a long time since I did any.

Hell yeah dude! I like them starting from the bottom. You’ve got straps, so you can use those, but otherwise chain suspended is baller.

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Alex says

pwn says

Soliton is obvious SSB Good mornings. No need to thank me, you are welcome. :grin:


I actually like the straight/buffalo bar as far as a squat replacement goes. You get to keep the “feel” of the bar on your back grooved


Was intending to train yesterday, but was out Friday night 2200-0300 Saturday on a fire that was pretty intense, I was first in and sat in what was basically a granite box on fire (granite house) small room a lot of heat and had to work outside of normal parameters (usually fight from behind a door or corner, but space didn’t permit) one hot wear! Community event the next day so I had no time then fell asleep during the only spare time I had, couple more shouts and more disturbed sleep last night, but still squeezing it in today, not feeling great and baby is struggling with Covid still, but I’m still negative.


Burpee chin ups
Usual rep scheme 55 reps 10 mins

Wide grip pull-ups: 10, 15, 20, 25kg X 3 30kg X 2, bw x 3,
Axle ohp: 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 75kg X 1
Standing ab roll: 3 X 6 sets
Sbos: 50kg X 3 X 6 sets

Wgpus: 8 x 3
Axle ohp: 60kg X 5 X 3 sets
Band crunch: purp X 15 X 3 sets
Sbos: 50kg X 3 X 3 sets

Bench: 60kg + red bands X 3 X 10 sets emom

Accessories: red band no monies 15 X 3 sets, red band face pulls: 15 X 3 sets

Kept most movements low rep just because of how beat up I’m feeling, had no desire for this session at all, but hit a PR on the axle, absolute grinder a definite 10 on the RPS! Rest of the work was just getting after it.

Weight is ounces off 210, about 10lbs up over 4/5 months, it’s been a good steady gain, hard slog but I’m happy with the results, bit fluffier inevitably, not 100% sure where to go, probably keen gaining until DH is done, then current plan probably maintain whilst I run og 5/3/1 (on 3 days a week), just to have a bit more of a restorative run, then I think on to BtM (said with trepidation!).


Now that’s what I like to see. Nice work mate, especially considering the work stuff, sounds nasty but glad you are OK.

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Wasn’t nasty as such, it’s what we join for and train for so from that perspective actually quite good, just quite draining, also couldn’t help but think about heat shock proteins whilst sitting in a fire :rofl:

It was definitely 1rm, nothing more to give, so freaking slow, but I knew as long as there was some miniscule momentum I could get it.

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DH week 10! (Deload and testing after this) day 1 - squats 5s

Conditioning: can get stuffed until I feel like it - another 3am shout and a 5am disturbance from the baby, can’t remember the last time I felt anything other than tired (and now slightly ill and tired) that said it’ll get done, I’m staying the course but one mental hurdle at a time today.

KBS: 24kg X 3 X 6 sets
SSB: 60kg X 5, 80kg X 2 - knee told me to get stuffed here…so:
GMs from bottom position: 60, 80, 90, 100kg X 5
Leg raises: 5 X 6bsets
Jumping jacks: red band X 15 X 6 sets

Interesting movement @T3hPwnisher I see why you recommended it, felt oddly close to a squat for a hip hinge, I may have just completely bastardised the execution, but hey something got some sort of training. It also felt super awkward but it’s a new one to me and I’ve never been overly comfortable with regular GMs. Probably didn’t help waking up with a tight mid back (unusual for me, definitely looking forward to a deload).

All as above apart from:
GM from bottom position: 80kg X 12, 10, 10

Deads: 80kg + red bands X 3 X 10 sets emom.

Dragged myself through that entire session at glacial pace, didn’t make it much easier.

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Good to hear you got some value from it! I’m a big fan of that movement, especially when dealing with injuries. It’s a great way to not miss a step.