7th Week Protocol on Beginner Prep School?

Hi All,

Quite new to the 531 programming and have been on Prep School for a bit of time.

I was wondering if I needed to run the 7th week protocols at all? I understand having the deload just to recover from the accumulate fatigue, but should I be doing the TM test?

I have been doing the TM test to ensure I keep my TM reasonable and within good form etc.

However, for me, it has gone to the point where I TM test, and then I can’t really do solid 5 reps of the TM at that particular point in time, and I then calculate a new 1erm to rework a new 85% TM. The issue is, it somewhat takes me back 2-3 cycles. So it kinda feels similar to the 5 forward / 3 backwards approach that is also mentioned in pg. 44 of Forever, as one of the solutions when you are ‘stalling’, where my net step is 1 cycle ‘forward’ in terms of TM progression.

Eg: I started a cycle at 42.5 KG for OHP, and then worked up to 50kg (3 cycles of 2.5kg before it reaches the 7th week) and then find out that I can’t do the 50kg x5 in the test. Traditionally, 50kg has always been a sticking point for me. In this case, I found a new 1erm that produces a 42.5KG TM for me to use in my next training cycle. And this kinda repeats once I finish 2-3 cycles again, leading back to 50kg. For squat and bench, I end up being one cycle forward in net progression (if that makes sense). But these are just examples I am trying to convey.

So my question is, is it unheard of to experience this yo-yo effect (akin to the 5 forward / 3 backwards concept) ?

Thanks all

This is very common, once you’ve experienced all the newbie gains.


If I reduce TM, I should go SSL or do a PR set on the 3rd set of the main work load as prescribed in pg 44?