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6 Week Superhero Program

Hello, my name is Marco.

What happened to the 6 week to Superhero program?

And I have one question about it (if it is still a valid program to follow):

  1. The program says to approach each complex by going through each exercise, from the overload to the explosive, and then repeating that ‘round’ 5 times (4-6). Instead of approaching it that way, could I do the complex by first doing the overload exercise 5 times, then the strength exercise 5 times, and so on until the explosive exercise 5 times?
    The reason for this is because it is much more convenient; especially time-saving wise. Approaching my way will mean that I would have to constantly change weight and layout, and I will not have to be worried about someone taking over the squat rack while I do my explosive exercises.

Thank you and I am looking forward to your answer.

Here’s the link:

Let me get this straight… you want to indulge in this workout, a workout that gets results from its unique circuit-style training… by not training in circuits??

So your Bench day for example would be a bunch of straight-set chest exercises…? if you prefer this style of training, try following KingBeef’s routine… or try CT’s HP Mass (to focus on low rep / explosive lifting).

What’s your goal? Might wanna think about that first.