5/3/1 Prep Program After a Layoff?

In your 5/3/1 forever book I really liked the prep program. However could adults use this for coming back from a layoff?


Adults are generally too varied (i.e. they have a lot of different problems) than kids. Kids are pretty predictable - weak as hell and out of shape. Adults have all of that AND injuries/movement issues.

My advice to you is to do this:

Agile 8 1-2 times/day
10-15 box jumps/day (as long as you aren’t super overweight or hurt)
5’s PRO, 5x5 @ FSL for each lift.
DB Squat between all bench/press sets (for sets of 10-20 reps)
Dips or some kind of DB Press between all squat/dead sets (for sets of 10-20 reps)
100 reps of face pulls done every training day.

Lift 3 times/week with A/B/C, D/A/B rotation

Walk or ride bike or something “easy” on the off-days. If you can run without it being “hard”, you can do that too. Again, follow the running program in book (or if you are an experience runner, do what you may). Do this for 2-3 cycles.

After 2-3 cycles, you can add in some VERY short circuit work on off days. Use this as restoration work more than “training”.

So this program has no back work outside of Face Pulls and Deadlifts?

I just started this because it fits my current schedule and stress levels.