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5/3/1 PPL Critique?

Wondering if you guys could give some insight on my plan. Little background. Been lifting for 5-7 years. Typically do a ppl split but looking to add 5/3/1 into it for some strength/hypertrophy. Never really added 5/3/1. I respond to higher volume but looking for ppl who have done 531 or ppl or both to critique.

Push 1:
-Bench 5/3/1
BBB sets
-db shoulder press 38
A1)incline db press 3
A2) lateral raise 38
-tricep pushdown 3
-overhead ext 3*12

-Deadlift 531(alternating w rows every other pull day)
-pullups 510
-cable rows 3
-db curls 310
-hammer curls 3
-Facepulls 4*12

-squat 531
BBB front squat
-leg press 38
-lunges 2
12 per leg
-calf raises 3*15-20

Will work ab work and a little cardio on days I feel good. And secone push day instead of bench 531 I’d do press 531. Looking to add some mass and strength with winter coming. Increased Cal’s slightly. Just looking for some critique

You left out 1 of the 4 movements of 5/3/1: the press.

I would run 5/3/1 before you modify it. Try Building the Monolith or BBB Beefcake if your goal is size.

I have press on the second push day. Instead of bench 531 I would do press 531 on that day. I’ll have to look into those

When running BBB, generally best practice is doing 5’sPro or just minimum reps for your main work before going to the BBB Supplemental work. Just a heads up.

Are you saying your doing rows in between each set of Deadlift main work every 2nd week? Or did you mean this:

Week 1: DL 531 sets and reps
Week 2: Barbell Row 531 sets and reps

If you only want to train 3 days a week you could also add Press into your squat day if you like. Or you could just run it so you repeat a lift every 9 days instead of 7.

No wonder Wendler doesn’t bother reply to the majority of posts here.

WTF is it with all these “custom” or “modified” routines from people with negligible experience of training with 531?!

There’s numerous books and a forum over at Wendler’s website with enough bona fide tried and tested templates to fit. If you don’t want to do one then do whatever you want; I’m quite sure you don’t need “approval” from anyone.


I don’t need approval. I’m here for assistance from other lifters who have more experience than me. Apparently you are just fine all by yourself and require no assistance from anyone because nobody is better than you. Gfy with your comment gtfo of my post if you have nothing constructive to say

I meant alternating rows and dl in separate workouts. Day 1 do deads day 2 rows. Appreciate your input

Just an observation from my own experience:

I would do the heavy sets of 5 with the front squats, and then do the BBB sets with the back squat. I learned this from reading Dan John work and his philosophy on squats, where he does heavy fronts and “never less than 10” for back squats. On my last BBB program I’m just finishing up, I used my TM for the front squat 531 weights, and that same FSL weight for my BBB back squats. So, the BBB back squats were relatively light, but after heavy fronts it felt really good to get the work in with a lighter weight, and kept me feeling better than I have on a BBB cycle before.