35yr Old Heart Attack Survivor Embarking on a Journey to Awesomeness

Hello Everybody here at T nation and Jim. So at 32 years old i had a heart attack which really put some things in perspective for me. Im now 35 years old, ive got lazy and im now 30 pounds overweight. Im not going to feel sorry for myself anymore and im going to stop feeling like a victim and as such ive decided that id like to start Strength training to change my life, theres no way im going to accept that im to old to start and ive got clearance from the doc so im good to go.

Anyway i searched this forum and i found a program that Jim approves of for a beginner thats 3 day a week. Anyway im all set to go but could anybody Advise me on which Assistance exercises gives me the best bang for the buck to pair with my main lifts?

When i used to train years back in the army i used to Enjoy Chins Rows Shrugs curls Dips CGBP and i remember reading in jims first book that you cant do enough upper back work but i know his Principles have evolved since then so im uncertain on how to incorporate the above lifts, can anybody/Jim please help me?

Workout A

dynamic stretching and throws

Squat 5 pro, 5x5 FSl or SSL
Bench 5 pro, 5x5 FSl or SSL

Advice on Assistance please?

Workout B

dynamic stretching and throws

Dead 5 pro, 5x5 FSL or SSL
Press 5 pro, 5x5 FSL or SSL

Advice on Assistance please?

These will be alternated.

Wish me Luck!

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Welcome back to “life” and hope things are moving forward.

The answer to your question - on BOTH days, choose ONE exercise from the following groups and perform the total reps listed:

Push - 25-50 total reps (dips, push-ups, DB press, tri pushdowns, etc.)
Pull - 25-50 total reps (rows, chins, face pulls, curls, etc.)
Single Leg/Core - 25-50 total reps (any single leg work, SLDL, KB work, ab work, back raises, etc.)

Don’t overthink this at all. Pick ONE exercise and do it for several sets until you get the total reps done. This is the only answer that is appropriate/correct for this specific 5/3/1 program.

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Fuckkin A man!! Good luck to ya!!

Jim Whats your position on CGBP as assistance? Im having issues with dips being weak and would like to use CGBP instead, however if that would prove detrimental, ill skip them. I remember you had them as assistance in your first book for some programs, Simplest strength template springs to mind.

Sucks being to weak to do chin ups and Dips in my condition, ive had to sub chins for fat man rows and hopefully CGBP for dips with your go ahead ofc.

It’s horrible for assistance - great for supplemental. So just make the change for your supplemental work.

Holy bump Batman. So ive been doing this now for the last 4 months, im still progressing and i feel really good about myself but im wondering if im doing it correctly, i have a question about the FSL work i hope you can answer if you got time please.

Am i correct in thinking i can do FSL 5x5 after every main lift? so Monday, Wednesday and Friday i do 5x5 FSL after both main lifts? The reason i asking is because friday is a repeat of mondays lifts meaning im doing FSL 5x5 twice a week for bench and squat one week then the following week im doing it twice again for Dead and Press.

Anyway thats what ive been doing, just wanted to check its ok now the weight is starting to get heavier. thanks Jim.