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3 Days Off First Teen Competition

Sorry if the place for my topic isnt right and if so feel free to delete it. Im 17 years old, have been training for 2 years now and im attempting my first competition in saturday. For now i started drinking 8-10 litres of water 5 days ago and will cut it down the night before the competition which is friday night and the main event is on saturday at 19 o clock. Today is the 3rd day of my carb depletion and tommorrow is the last and i will start my carb load on friday. My question is the following:

  • How many grams of carbs and of what sources on friday for 165 pounds guy, and what to consume at the day of the competition and right before it ?
    Thank you a lot.
    Here is a picture i took today while practising posing

I did this is thr past: https://www.t-nation.com/diet-fat-loss/shredded-in-6-days

and it worked out really well.

On average, you should be loading with at least double what your average intake was a week out (pre-depletion). The day of the contest, don’t forget to drink some water. I usually recommend a cup with each feeding throughout the day as it will end up in you muscles with the carbs. Sodium is also important as you won’t get a good pulp without it, so don’t fall for the “drop salt” stuff you may find some people advising.


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@The_Mighty_Stu knows what he’s saying: You’ll find a lot of sources that tell you that getting rid of salt will make you look drier because you won’t be retaining water. While this might be true for you weeks ago (pre-depletion), putting some salt into your body the night before and throughout the day of the competition will help plump the muscles up and help you achieve a better pump pre-stage.

Yeah thanks a lot to the three of you. So basically tommorow i start my carb loading and keep salt and water intake the same as now 6-8 litres of water. And on the day of the competition i will be snacking rice cakes with 1 glas of water maybe ? Also 45mins before pumping backstage will have one snickers.